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You find an unresponsive pt. who is not breathing. After activating the emergency response system, you determine there is no pulse. What is your next action? - (CORRECT ANS)Start chest compressions of... at least 100 per min. You are evaluating a 58-year-old man with chest pain. The blood pressure is 92/50 mm Hg, the heart rate is 92/min, the nonlabored respiratory rate is 14 breaths/min, and the pulse oximetry reading is 97%. What assessment step is most important now? - (CORRECT ANS)Obtaining a 12 lead ECG. What is the preferred method of access for epi administration during cardiac arrest in most pts? - (CORRECT ANS)Peripheral IV An AED does not promptly analyze a rythm. What is your next step? - (CORRECT ANS)Begin chest compressions. You have completed 2 minutes of CPR. The ECG monitor displays the lead II rhythm below, and the patient has no pulse. Another member of your team resumes chest compressions, and an IV is in place. What management step is your next priority? - (CORRECT ANS)Administer 1mg of epinephrine During a pause in CPR, you see this lead II ECG rhythm on the monitor. The patient has no pulse. What is the next action? - (CORRECT ANS)Resume compressions What is a common but sometimes fatal mistake in cardiac arrest management? - (CORRECT ANS)Prolonged interruptions in chest compressions. Which action is a componant of high-quality chest comressions? - (CORRECT ANS)Allowing complete chest recoil Which action increases the chance of successful conversion of ventricular fibrillation? - (CORRECT ANS)Providing quality compressions immediately before a defibrillation attempt. Which situation BEST describes pulseless electrical activity? - (CORRECT ANS)Sinus rythm without a pulse What is the BEST strategy for performing high-quality CPR on a patient with an advanced airway in place? - (CORRECT ANS)Provide continuous chest compressions without pauses and 10 ventilations per minute. Three minutes after witnessing a cardiac arrest, one member of your team inserts an endotracheal tube while another performs continuous chest compressions. During subsequent ventilation, you notice the presence of a waveform on the capnography screen and a PETCO2 level of 8 mm Hg. What is the significance of this finding? - (CORRECT ANS)Chest compressions may not be effective. The use of quantitative capnography in intubated patients - (CORRECT ANS)allows for monitoring of CPR quality. For the past 25 minutes, an EMS crew has attempted resuscitation of a patient who originally presented in ventricular fibrillation. After the first shock, the ECG screen displayed asystole, which has persisted despite 2 doses of epinephrine, a fluid bolus, and high-quality CPR. What is your next treatment? - (CORRECT ANS)Consider terminating resuscitive efforts after consulting medical control. Which is a safe and effective practice within the defibrillation sequence? - (CORRECT ANS)Be sure oxygen is not blowing over the patient's chest during the shock. CONTINUED........DOWNLOAD FOR BEST GRADES [Show More]

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