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ESRI Technical Certification ArcGIS Desktop An ArcGIS user chooses a mobile device to perform a field survey of road damage in an area. The user must obtain various types of information on the dama... ge including surface type, damage, location, and an image of damage to the surface. Which ArcGIS platform application should be used for this task? - ✔✔Collector for ArcGIS What is the default metadata style used by ArcGIS Pro? - ✔✔Item Description An ArcGIS user is editing a parcel layer to reflect the addition of a new subdivision. Which data format will the user be able to edit? - ✔✔Shapefiles An ArcGIS user has been tasked with creating a feature class of sidewalk centerlines in an existing geodatabase. The sidewalk feature class must use the same spatial reference as the data in the organization. How should the Create Feature Class geoprocessing tool be used to get the correct spatial reference? - ✔✔Import the spatial reference from an existing dataset in the coordinate system parameter. Where can an ArcMap user find the use limitations for a dataset? - ✔✔Item Description A user is a member of a group in ArcGIS Online and would like to access hosted feature layers shared to the group. How can the user efficiently achieve this in ArcMap? - ✔✔File > ArcGIS Online > Sign In > Groups An ArcGIS user has labeled contour lines on a topographic map of regional trails. Upon labeling the contour lines with their associated elevations, each contour line appears with a label as the user intended. However, the map will be used as part of an interactive display, and the labels should NOT display until the map has been zoomed in beyond 1:4000. Which of the following should be applied to the labels to prevent them from displaying until the map is zoomed in beyond 1:4000? - ✔✔Scale Range An administrator shares a map package (.mpk) to a shared directory. The user needs to create a web map from the map package. How should the user achieve this? - ✔✔Import the map package to ArcGIS Pro A city planner must display all coffee shops in Benicia, California, on a map. The city planner is signed in to ArcGIS Online in all ArcGIS Desktop applications. How should the planner meet this requirement? - ✔✔Search for 'coffee shops, Benicia, CA' in the search bar of the Locate pane in ArcGIS Pro When using Select By Location, which spatial selection method should be used to accomplish the above selection? - ✔✔Intersect The Source Layer Feature Creating a feature class with coordinate systems - ✔✔In the Catalog window, right-click africa_cities.csv and choose Create Feature Class > From XY Table. The Create Feature Class From XY Table dialog box opens. Notice that ArcMap automatically assigned the longitude values to the X Field and the latitude values to the Y Field. These data points were taken from sources that use WGS 1984. Click Coordinate System of Input Coordinates. In the Spatial Reference Properties dialog box, navigate to and add the WGS 1984 coordinate system. (ArcGIS 10.0 users: Click Select to navigate.) Hint Click OK. Under Output, click the Browse button and set the output feature class as ..\Student\CoordWorking10_0\Assign_GCS\Assign_GCS.gdb\XYafrica_cities, and then click OK. In the Catalog window, the Assign_GCS geodatabase now contains your newly created feature class. The information in the .csv file is now in a format that ArcGIS can use. Drag the XYafrica_cities feature class onto the map. The five points representing cities display on the map. From the Bookmarks menu, choose Africa. Change the symbology for the feature class to Circle 2. Continue on STEP 5 Working with Coordinate Systems - ✔✔ Adding a feature class - ✔✔In the Feature Class To Feature Class tool's dialog box, do the following: From the Catalog window, drag the polygon coverage feature class (from zip_clip) into the Input Features field. For Output Feature Class, type Zip. When you import a polygon coverage into a geodatabase feature class, you can exclude the AREA and PERIMETER fields. - ✔✔True Excluding Attributes - ✔✔Under Field Map, right-click CITY95_ (Long) and choose Delete. Delete the CITY95_ID (Long) field as well. Importing multiple feature classes - ✔✔Right-click SanDiego.gdb and choose Import > Feature Class (multiple) Loading data onto feature class - ✔✔In the Catalog window, right-click AllSchools and choose Load > Load Data. The Simple Data Loader opens. On the first panel, click Next. For Input data, click the Browse button Browse and do the following: Navigate to your ..\Student\GDB_Start10_0\SanDiego.gdb. Click the Schools feature class to select it. Click Open. In the Simple Data Loader, click Add. Creating a feature dataset - ✔✔On the first panel, name the feature dataset Railways. Click Next. Click the Add Coordinate System button Add Coordinate System and choose Import. (ArcGIS 10.0 users: Click Import.) Browse to ..\Student\GDB_Start10_0, click sd_rr.shp, and click Add. Creating a table in a database - ✔✔Right-click SanDiego.gdb and choose New > Table. In the New Table wizard, do the following: For Name, type RR_History and click Next. For database storage configuration, keep the Default option and click Next. Populate the Field Name/Data Type table as follows: You can share a map online for others to access through a web browser. - ✔✔True Which characteristics below are unique to raster data? - ✔✔Raster data has an origin that is used, along with cell size and cell location, to locate the raster's precise location on the earth. Raster data is made up of a grid of cells. If you select three separate parcels from a parcel feature class, how many rows would be selected in the associated attribute table? - ✔✔3` RoadType is an attribute field with three different values: collector, arterial, freeway. RoadType is an example of a text field. - ✔✔True [Show More]

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