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Introduction to Modern Analysis 2nd Edition, By Shmuel Kantorovitz, Ami Viselter [PDF] [eBook]

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This textbook provides an introduction to modern analysis aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate-level students of mathematics. Professional academics will also find this to be a useful referenc... e work. It covers measure theory, basic functional analysis, single operator theory, spectral theory of bounded and unbounded operators, semigroups of operators, and Banach algebras. Further, this new edition of the textbook also delves deeper into C*-algebras and their standard constructions, von Neumann algebras, probability and mathematical statistics, and partial differential equations. Most chapters contain relatively advanced topics alongside simpler ones, starting from the very basics of modern analysis and slowly advancing to more involved topics. The text is supplemented by many exercises, to allow readers to test their understanding and practical analysis skills. [Show More]

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