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What rates compress to make AFCM? - ANSWER AMEC and AMC become AMCS, and then combine with ADCS Advancement to Chief Petty Officer is largely based on which of the following considerations? - ANSWE... R Sustained superior Performance Which rates are compressed to become CUCM? - ANSWER EACS, BUCS, and SWCS Which of the following officer programs requires that you NOT pass your 22nd birthday on 1 July on the year of entry? - ANSWER OCS Professional apprenticeship Career Track Sailors are categorized by which of the following paygrades? - ANSWER E1-E3 A bachelor's degree is required for acceptance into which of the following officer programs? - ANSWER Officer Candidate School Normally, extra military instruction (EMI) is NOT assigned for more than what maximum number of hours per day? - ANSWER 2 Upon death of a service member, eligible dependents are allowed to remain in government quarters for what maximum number of days? - ANSWER 365 When a Sailor needs assistance with his Career Management System-Interactive Detailing (CMS-ID) cycle application, what action should he take? - ANSWER Call the detailer, email CMSID, or see the Command Career Counselor What authority is empowered to approve or disaprove extension request submitted by a command? - ANSWER PERS-81 When the most important aspect of the job is concern for subordinates and personal popularity, what leadership style is demonstrated? - ANSWER Affiliator Personnel transferring to the Fleet Reserve should begin transition counseling what number of months prior to separating? - ANSWER 24 Which of the following reasons is justification to extend a Sailor's working hours? - ANSWER To complete work that should have been done earlier to"inquire into and report on any matter that affects the discipline of military efficiency of the Department of the Navy" is the role of whom? - ANSWER Navy Inspector General Within a Sailor's Enlisted Official Military Personnel File (OMPF), what field codes are provided to the selection board? - ANSWER 30 through 38 What NAVPERS form is used to process immediate reenlistment contracts? - ANSWER 1070/601 Regarding performance evaluation for brief period of training and/or duties performed outside the purview of the regular reporting senior, for what period of time is a PIM most suitable? - ANSWER 10 days or less On a performance evaluation for a Chief Petty Officer, which of the following entries is NOT appropriate for Block 40? - ANSWER NAC On the performance evaluation of a First Class Petty Officer eligible for Chief, which of the following entries is NOT appropriate in Block 41? - ANSWER Chief Warrant Officer A member who elects to submit a statement concerning an evaluation should do so within what maximum number of years from the date of signing? - ANSWER 2 The Chief Petty Officer's evaluation is what NAVPERS form? - ANSWER 1616/27 Collateral duties should be listed in what evaluation report block? - ANSWER 29 A Sailor's promotion recommendation can go from Significant Problems on one report, to what promotion recommendation on the next report? - ANSWER Any recommendation Command or Organizational Climate/Equal opportunity is not found on the E7-E9 performance evaluation. What trait attribute took its placE? - ANSWER Character What total number of years must you remain on active duty after selection to Limited Duty Officer? - ANSWER 4 To apply for the Chief Warrant Officer Program, a Chief Petty Officer must have what minimum years of service? - ANSWER 10 To be eligible for Zone C Selective Reenlistment Bonus (SRB), a person must NOT have completed more than what maximum number of years on active military service? - ANSWER 14 Training that provides benefit from information for separating Sailors is referred to by what term? - ANSWER Transition Assistance Program After a servicewoman gives birth to a child, her convalescent leave should NOT exceed what maximum number of days? - ANSWER 126 When, if ever, and a cost selection be "banked" upon transfer from Japan, Guam, or Korea? - ANSWER Never As a retired enlisted member of the Navy with 30 years of active service, when, if ever, can you be ordered back to active duty without your consent? - ANSWER During wartime or a national emergency Of the following requirements for advancement to E-4, which one is considered the most important? - ANSWER Receiving an advancement recommendation from the chain of command. General guidelines for retirement ceremonies are contained in which of the following resources? - ANSWER Naval Military Personnel Manual A Sailor requesting a twilight tour should be approching retirement at what total number of years of service? - ANSWER 30 Personnel in the Chief warrant Officer Program serve in what Capacity? - ANSWER Technical Specialists What is the purpose of a reprimand? - ANSWER To teach A member can request a split tour reassignment after what event? - ANSWER Serving 24 months at the same activity According to Navy Regulations, when a sailor fails to obey a regulation and is subjected to punishment, which of the following publications should be made available to him for a personal review? - ANSWER Manual of the Judge Advocate General Official Documentation regarding a mishap that is used for legal or administrative action is provided in what type of investigation? - ANSWER JAG A preliminary Inquiry Officer's report should include all of the following items, EXCEPT which one? - ANSWER Recommended punishment For pay and personnel transactions a the field level, what is the Navy's primary point of entry? - ANSWER NSIPS When dealing with performance evaluations, PIM has what meaning? - ANSWER Performance Information Memorandum Performance evaluations must be signed in what color(s) ink? - ANSWER Black or blue-black ink [Show More]

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