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NR 603 Advanced Clinical Diagnosis And Practice Across The Lifespan Practicum - NR 603 Week 1 Comparison and Contrast Assignment: Dementia and Delirium

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Requirements For Week 1 of the course there is no case study given to you by the faculty. Instead you will … assigned to diseases to compare and contrast based on the first letter of your last name... (Dementia and Delirium). This information will … posted in the course announcements under Week 1 Welcome as well as the “Assignment” portion of the Week 1 module. A comparison and contrast assignment’s focus is to identify and explore similarities and differences between two similar topics. The goal of this exploration is to bring about a better understanding of both topics. You will research the two areas of content assigned to you. Compare and contrast them in discussion post in a discussion post. NOTE: A comparison and contrast assignment is not about listing the info regarding each disease separately but rather looking at each disease side by side and discussing the similarities and differences given the categories in the categories below. Evaluation of mastery … student’s ability to demonstrate specific understanding of how to … differ and relate to one another. Address the following topics below: Presentation Pathophysiology Assessment Diagnosis Treatment Throughout the Week: Participate in interactive dialogue with faculty and students responding to their Part 1 post moving the discussion forward. NR 603NR 603 Week 1 Assignment [Show More]

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