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Defense Acquisition University CLC 222 Module 3 (1)Exam Contract Management. 100%

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Defense Acquisition University CLC 222 Module 3 (1)Exam Contract Management. 100% CLC 222 Module 3 Exam: Contract Management · When a contractor performs work beyond that required by the contract... without a formal change order and it is perceived that such work was ordered by the Government or caused by Government fault, this is defined as? · An unauthorized commitment is caused by government personnel obligating the government without contract authority. · The COR should be familiar with all the following areas of a contract: o Correct: All these statements are correct · Accounting data is entered at the CLIN level with ACRNS as shorthand for tracking LOAs. · The main purpose for the COR to understand the contract and how it is organized is to be aware of all contractual requirements and deliverables. This knowledge helps the COR track contractor performance and ensure contractor compliance with the contract as written. · One of the main responsibilities of the COR in modifying the contract is to provide the Contracting Officer with complete documentation on the contract and events that led to the modification. · The program manager for the transportation directorate requested that the COR submit a request to change the contract. The change is an increase in quantity of 1000 truck tires costing $225 each, under a fixed price tire contract for 500 tires. Choose the best answer regarding the scope of this requirement. · The Contracting Officer's Representative needs to be careful when giving technical direction to the contractor that they do not provide Improper Technical Direction which includes which of the following? CLC 222 Mod 3 Contract Management Exam · Here is your test result.The dots represent the choices you have made. · The highlighted questions are the questions you have missed. · Remediation Accessed shows whether you accessed those links.'N' represents links not visited and 'Y' represents visited links. Back to Status page contains 9 Questions 1) The Contracting Officer's Representative must read and understand the contract, including any attachments and modifications to the contract. [Recognize the basic information (period of performance, PWS, contract value) found in a contract to include the uniform contract format] False True 2) A separate Contract Line Item Number (CLIN) should be used for each item on a contract. [Identify methods of tracking contract obligations using ACRNS and CLINs in a contract] [Remediation Accessed :N] False True 3) What areas of the contract under the Uniform Contract Format specify schedule/delivery parameters for the COR? [Analyze contract schedule compliance, to include all SOW requirements and CDRL deliverables] All the answers are correct Section B – Supplies or Services and Prices/Costs Section C - Description/Specifications/Statement of Work Section F – Deliverables or Performance 4) A bilateral modification is used to_____________. [Identify COR responsibilities supporting the planning and submission of contract changes documents needed to negotiate a modification] All of these answers are correct Make a change in the contract both parties agree with Make negotiated equitable adjustment to a change order Definitize a letter contract · [Show More]

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