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Defense Acquisition University CLC 222 (COR) Training Module 2 Exam Contract Pre-Award & Award. 100%

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CLC 222 Module 2 Exam: Contract Pre-Award & Award • The Competition in Contracting Act requires that: competition in order to obtain maximum competition in obtaining the agency’s needs. • ... Items to consider during the development of the IGE include: (select all that apply) • A Statement Of Work should include the following: • Acquisition Planning's principal purpose is to ensure that the government meets its needs in the most effective, economical and timely manner while emphasizing competition and promoting the use of commercial items. • Most of the annual requirements for supplies and services are funded with Procurement Funds. • A purchase request is an official request for action that authorizes the contracting process to begin. • The purpose of evaluation criteria is to represent the areas of importance and value to the Government as well as risk allocation to be considered in the source selection decision. Which one of the following statements about the source selection decision process is TRUE? • What contract type puts the full performance risk on the contractor? • Contracting methods available which can streamline the contracting timeframe include: • The purpose of market research is to determine capabilities in the marketplace able to satisfy the government's needs. • What is an Independent Government Estimate (IGE)? • When writing a SOW use the SMART principle which stands for: • The existing contract, including all options, is about to end. The customer likes the work of the incumbent contractor and has expressed a desire to have the new contract be awarded to that incumbent contractor. Which one of the following statements is true? criteria to ensure the best contractor is selected for the new contract. • The three types of restrictions on funds are purpose (Misappropriation Act), time (Bona Fide Need Rule), and amount (Anti-Deficiency Act). • The elements of a purchase request include: • When a COR is involved in the Source Selection Evaluation Board, what might his/her main roles be? (Select all that apply)  The COR rates each technical proposal  The COR serves as part or the technical review team  The COR is an advisor to the Contracting Officer • The two techniques used to select a contractor within the best value continuum include: • What are the differences between contracting by negotiation and sealed bidding? • Cost reimbursement contracts are used when there is uncertainty in the outcome of the effort; the greatest risk is placed on the Government. Select the correct answer from the following statements: [Show More]

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