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American Red Cross Final Exam BLS Latest 2021/2022

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You and your colleagues have been providing high-quality CPR for and using the AED on Mr. Sauer. While providing ventilations, you notice that Mr. Sauer moves and appears to be breathing. What is the... correct course of action? Correct Answer- Stop CPR, check for breathing and a pulse and monitor Mr. Sauer until the advanced cardiac life support team takes over. Upon entering Mr. Cohen's room, you find him on the ground, unresponsive. After immediately initiating the emergency response system, what is your next action according to the Adult In-Hospital Cardiac Chain of Survival? Correct Answer- Early CPR The systematic and continuous approach to providing emergent patient care includes which three elements? Correct Answer- Assess, Recognize, Care You suspect that an unresponsive patient has sustained a neck injury. Which technique should you use to open the patient's airway? Correct Answer- Modified jaw-thrust maneuver [Show More]

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