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NBDE Part I Remembered Questions 1

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NBDE Part I Remembered Questions 1 The philtrum of the lip is formed from what? - ANS - Medial nasal processes and maxillary processes Unilateral cleft lip is caused by what? - ANS - When the maxil... lary prominence on the affected side fails to join with the merged medial nasal prominences What is the most abundant papilla on the tongue? - ANS - Filiform Esophageal varices are commonly seen in what? - ANS - Alcoholics What type of hypersensitivity reaction is present in SLE? - ANS - Type III (immune-antibody complex) What are the symptoms of SLE? - ANS - Women Inflammation in joints, tendons and other CT and organs. Butterfuly rash over cheeks and bridge of nose Individuals with SLE can have a false positive of what other disease? - ANS - Syphilis What are the sensory and motor components of the gag reflex? - ANS - Sensory - Glossopharyngeal Motor - Vagus What ligament prevents excessive retraction of the TMJ? - ANS - TMJ ligament How does the TMJ get nutrients? - ANS - Through diffusion from the disk (synovial membrane and synovial fluid provide nourishment and lubrication) What artery supplies nutrients to the TMJ? - ANS - External carotid artery What structure passes deep to they hyoglossus muscle? - ANS - Lingual ARTERY Each of the following structures lies between the hyoglossus and the mylohyoid muscles EXCEPT one. - ANS - Lingual ARTERY What premolar has the shorter central groove and more supplemental grooves? - ANS - Second maxillary premolar Which premolar has a mesial groove? - ANS - Maxillary first premolar Which premolar has a lingual groove? - ANS - Mandibular first premolar Which tooth has the longest crown? - ANS - Mandibular canine What is the only tooth that has its root inclined mesially? - ANS - Mandibular canine You have to do a RCT on a mandibular canine. What is the most likely complication you may encounter? - ANS - Bifurcated root A bullet entering between teh 7th and 8th intercostal ribs would pierce which lobe of the lung? - ANS - Inferior lobe What is mesentery? - ANS - Tissue that connects the posterior wall of the peritoneal cavity to the jejunum What is cor pulomonale? - ANS - Right ventricular enlargement secondary to a lung disorder that causes pulmonary artery HTN. RV failure follows. What does pulmonary HTN do to the RV? - ANS - Increases afterload CHF is most common on which side? - ANS - RIGHT SIDE Enlargement of RV commonly from Pulmonary HTN Does not involve left side of heart Which vein comes off the renal vein on the left side, but the IVC on the right side? - ANS - Gonal vein What produces intrinsic factor? - ANS - Parietal cells (in the stomach) What is the difference between the IVC and portal veins? - ANS - Portal vein contains no valves What does streptomycin inhibit? - ANS - Bacterial protein production (translation) What type of antibiotic is streptomycin? - ANS - Aminoglycoside What is the cause of brown and grey tooth discoloration? - ANS - Tetracycline before the age of 2 What color does minocycline cause the teeth to turn? - ANS - Grey and BLUE What is the Granular layer of Tomes? - ANS - It is located within dentin located at the root of the tooth beneath the dentinocemental junction What structure pierces the buccinator muscle? - ANS - Parotid gland DUCT What type of collagen is present in the PDL? - ANS - Type I (mainly) Type III and V When are alveoli most negative? - ANS - At the beginning of inhalation What muscles abduct the scapula? - ANS - Serratus anterior Pectoralis What muscles retract the scapula? - ANS - Trapezius Rhomboids Where do the globular heads of C1q exclusively bind to? - ANS - CH2 domain of IgG CH3 domain of IgM What is the MOA of Diptheria toxin? - ANS - Inhibits protein synthesis (translation) A greyish pseudomembrane is found in an infection caused by a species of? - ANS - Corynebacteira diptheria What can be used to identify DNA restriction fragments? - ANS - Southern blot What is a restriction endonuclease used for? - ANS - To cut DNA What reaction requires Thiamine? - ANS - Pyruvate dehydrogenase An individual with multiple myleloma presents with what type of signs and symptoms? - ANS - Increased susceptibility to infection Accumulation of Bence-Jones protines Proteinuria "Punched out" lesions on xray [Show More]

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