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WGU C157 - Essentials of Advanced Nursing Practice Field Experience Questions and Answers Rated A+

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Vulnerable Populations ✔✔Infants, children, older adults, the ill, the physically and mentally disabled, the illiterate and the poor QIA ✔✔Quality Improvement Activity Essentials of Master'... s Education in Nursing ✔✔Nursing Standard that: 1. Defines the essential elements of master's education for advanced practice roles in nursing. 2. Provides a framework for designing and assessing master's education programs for advanced practice nursing. National Patient Safety Goals ✔✔The NPSGs were established by the Joint Commission to help accredited organizations address specific areas of concern in regard to patient safety. The Joint Commission ✔✔This organization accredits more than 20,000 health care organizations in the U.S. This accreditation is recognized by state agencies as a condition of licensure and receipt of Medicaid reimbursement. Preventive Action ✔✔A proactive plan to prevent a potential occurrence of an adverse event. Corrective Action ✔✔A reactive plan to prevent a re-occurrence of an adverse event. Quantifiable Measure ✔✔Data-driven quality improvement indicator. [Show More]

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