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ATI Med Surg Chapter 1, 2, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93 QUESTION AND ANSWERS UPDATED 2021/2022 GRADED A+

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ATI Med Surg Chapter 1, 2, 89, 90, 91, 92, 931- A nurse is caring for an older client who has a new diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus and reports difficulty following the diet and remembering to ... take the prescribed medication. Which of the following actions should the nurse take to promote client compliance? (select all that apply) A. Ask the dietitian to assist with meal planning B. Contact the client' support system C. Assess for age related cognitive awareness D. Encourage the use of daily medication dispenser E. Provide educational materials for home use 2- A nurse in a health care clinic is evaluating the level of wellness for clients using the health/wellness/illness continuum tool. Which of the following clients is measured at the center of the continuum? A. A college student who has influenza B. An older adult who is newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus C. A new mother who has a urinary tract infection D. A young male who has a long history of well-controlled rheumatoid arthritis. 3- A nurse is evaluating clients at a health fair for modifiable variables affecting health and wellness. The nurse identifies which of the following as a modifiable variable? (Select all that apply.) A. A male who smokes on social occasions B. A female with a BMI of 28 C. An adult with alopecia D. An adolescent with Trisomy 21 E. An infant with reflux 4- A nurse is caring for a client who was just told she has breast cancer and the nurse evaluates the client's response. Which of the following statements by the client reflects a lack of understanding of an illness perspective? A."I have no family history of breast cancer." B."I need a second opinion there is no lump." C."I am glad we live in the city near several large hospitals." D."I will schedule surgery next week, over the holidays. The illness-wellness continuum: It is an assessment tool used to measure the level of wellness to premature death This study source was downloaded by 100000842722785 from CourseHero.com on 10-06-2022 15:35:41 GMT -05:00 https://www.coursehero.com/file/78392823/ATI-Med-Surg-Chapter-1-2-89-90-91-92-93docx/ CHAPTER 2 Emergency Nursing Principles and Management 1- A nurse is on a medical-surgical unit is caring for a group of clients. The nurse should notify the rapid response team for which of the following clients? A. Client who has an ulceration of the right heel whose blood glucose is 300 mg/dL B. Client who reports right calf pain and shortness of breath C. Client who has blood on a pressure dressing in the femoral area following a cardiac catheterization D. Client who has dark red coloration of left toes and absent pedal pulse. 2- A nurse is caring for a client who has ingested a toxic agent. Which of the following actions should the nurse plan to take? (Select all that apply.) A. Induce vomiting. B. Instill activated charcoal. C. Perform a gastric lavage with aspiration. D. Administer syrup of ipecac. E. Complete a whole-bowel irrigation. 3- A nurse in the emergency department is caring for a client who fell through the ice on a pond and is unresponsive and breathing slowly. Which of the following are appropriate actions by the nurse? (Select all that apply.) A. Remove wet clothing. B. Maintain normal room temperature. C. Apply warm blankets. D. Apply a heat lamp. E. Infuse warmed IV fluids. 4- A nurse in the emergency department is assessing a client who is unresponsive. The client's partner states, "He was pulling weeds in the yard and dropped to the ground." Which of the following techniques should the nurse use to open the client's airway? A. Head-tilt, chin-lift B. Modified jaw thrust C. Hyperextension of the head D. Flexion of the head 5- A nurse is reviewing the common emergency management protocol for clients during a cardiac emergency. Which of the following is an appropriate action by the nurse? A. Administer IV dobutamine (Dobutrex). B. Administer IV dopamine (Intropin). C. Administer IV epinephrine (Adrenaline). D. Administer IV atropine (Atropair) [Show More]

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