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RMA Practice Test Exam Created for 2022 /2023 Solved Answered 100%

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The gray matter on the surface of the cerebral hemispheres is called the: a. cerebrum. b. cerebellum. c. cerebral cortex. d. corpus callosum. - ANSWER c. cerebral cortex. Term that refer... s to the most severe allergic response: a. allergen. b. allergic reaction. c. allergy. d. anaphylactic shock. - ANSWER d. anaphylactic shock. Receiving the vaccine for the COVID-19 virus provides: a. Natural Acquired Immunity. b. Artificial Acquired Active Immunity. c. Naturally Acquired Passive Immunity. d. Artificially Acquired Passive Immunity. - ANSWER b. Artificial Acquired Active Immunity. The outermost of the pericardial membranes is the: a. epicardium. b. fibrous pericardium. c. visceral pericardium. d. parietal pericardium. - ANSWER b. fibrous pericardium. The vitamin produced by the normal flora of the colon, in amounts sufficient to meet a person's daily need, is vitamin: a. A b. E c. K d. D - ANSWER c. K The origin of a muscle is: a. where the muscle ends. b. always attached to a bone. c. where the muscle begins. d. attached to another muscle - ANSWER c. where the muscle begins What is the blood type that determines if people are universal recipients? a. Type A b. Type B c. Type AB d. Type O - ANSWER Type AB A genetic disorder characterized by the inability of the blood to clot properly is: a. galactosemia. b. hemophilia. c. thalassemia. d. thrombocythemia. - ANSWER b.hemophilia. What test can detect down's syndrome during pregnancy? a. Amniocenteses b. Complete blood count c. Spinal tap d. CT scan - ANSWER a. Amniocenteses Many of the questions on patient history forms are used to determine: a. conditions at their place of employment or home. b. lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking. c. frequency of travel outside of the state. d. occupation of immediate family members. - ANSWER b. lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking Prostatic hypertrophy is: a. an enlarged prostate. b. an inflamed prostate. c. no prostate. d. decreased size of the prostate. - ANSWER a. an enlarged prostate The largest bone of the body is the: a. ulna b. tibia c. radius d. femur - ANSWER d. femur Where is the popliteal artery located? a. upper arm b. medial thigh c. upper gluteal d. posterior knee - ANSWER d. posterior knee What is the structure in the kidney that filters blood, removes waste products, and forms urine? a. bladder b. glomerulus c. nephron d. kidney - ANSWER d. nephron The lining of the uterus is called the: a. myometrium b. endometrium c. peritoneum d. myocardium - ANSWER b. endometrium Which of the following is the most common blood disorder that may result from a variety of causes? a. leukemia b. thrombocytopenia c. anemia d. polycythemia - ANSWER c. anemia The hormone responsible for ovulation is: a. FSH- Follicle Stimulating Hormone b. TSH- Thyroid Stimulating Hormone c. LH- Luteinizing Hormone d. ACTH- Adrenocorticotropic Hormone - ANSWER c. LH-Luteinizing Hormone The protein in epidermal cells that makes the skin relatively waterproof is: a. elastin b. keratin c. melanin d. collagen - ANSWER d. keratin Bilirubin specimens require what special preparation? a. Freezing b. incubation c. protection from light d. refrigeration - ANSWER c. protection from light The internal folds of the stomach are known as: a. villi b. rugae c. cillia d. convolution - ANSWER b. rugae What is the medical term for "baby" teeth? a - ANSWER Deciduous Where do you find the pulse from the patient's dorsalis pedis artery? - ANSWER Top of foot The duodenum is part of the: - ANSWER small Intestine The largest glandular organ in the body is the: - ANSWER liver The thoracic cavity is lined by the: - ANSWER pleural membrane. The urinary system consists of - ANSWER two kidneys, two ureters, the urinary bladder, and the urethra The study of the stomach and the intestine is - ANSWER gastroenterology The procedure that uses a caustic chemical, electric current, laser, and freezing is: - ANSWER cauterization The term "myotomy" means incision into: - ANSWER a muscle The combining form that means "red" is: - ANSWER erythro Ostomy" is a: - ANSWER suffix Which of the following means pertaining to after meals? - ANSWER Postprandial A hernia of part of the rectum into the vagina is called: - ANSWER rectocele When analyzing a medical term, where is the best word part to begin analyzing? - ANSWER End What is it called when the food is travelling the wrong way and backs up to the esophagus? - ANSWER GERD The medical term for inflammation of the liver is: - ANSWER hepatitis An accumulation of serous fluid in the peritoneal cavity is - ANSWER ascites Encephalopathy is defined as: - ANSWER disease of the brain The abbreviation for "prescription" is: - ANSWER Rx What is Conjunctivitis? - ANSWER Inflammation of the transparent covering of the eye because of bacterial infection or allergic reaction What is the combining form for the intestine? - ANSWER enter/o In a patient's progress note you see that the physician has used the term "necrosis" regarding a lesion. The physician is referring to: - ANSWER dead tissue What is the first portion of the small intestine? - ANSWER Duodenum Which of these terms describes farsightedness? - ANSWER Hyperopia Medicare Part B covers: - ANSWER prescription medical equipment A letter for statement from the insurance carrier describing what was paid, denied, or reduced in payment. Also contains information about amounts applied to the deductible, the patient's co-insurance, and the allowed amounts. - ANSWER Explanation of benefits (EOB) A person who holds a health insurance plan is a: - ANSWER subscriber Medicare patients treated by a non-participating physician: - ANSWER are responsible for a portion of the fee. Using diagnostic codes to show medical necessity for procedures performed is called: - ANSWER code linkage Which of the following terms describes calling an insurance carrier to determine if medical procedures are covered under a patient's health insurance policy? - ANSWER Precertification Drug and prescription benefits were added allowing Medicare recipients the option of choosing, at a reduced cost, a plan that pays for prescription drugs with just a small co-payment from the patient. Beneficiaries choose the drug plan and pay a monthly premium. This option is: ~Medicare Advantage (formerly Medicare + Choice).} - ANSWER Medicare Part D To comply with Medicare guidelines, the physician must write off which of the following charges if not covered by Medigap? - ANSWER Disallowed charges A payment method used by many managed care organizations in which a fixed amount of money is reimbursed to the provider for patients enrolled during a specific period of time, no matter what services are received or how many visits are made. - ANSWER Capitation The notice from the office sent to the patient showing the amount owed to the physician is called the: - ANSWER itemized statement. Which of the following patient charts would be placed first in an alphabetic filing system? A. Mellow, Jack , B. Mellow, Jan , C. Mellow Jane , D. Mellow, J.D - ANSWER Mellow, Jack An approach of sensitivity to the individual needs and reactions of patients begins from the initial contact with the medical receptionist to the conclusion of the patient's treatment. This approach is known as: - ANSWER empathy. Speaking clearly and articulating carefully during telephone conversations is referred to as: - ANSWER enunciation Which of the following contains the times already allotted which are therefore not available for scheduling patients? - ANSWER Matrix Which of the following words is NOT required in the heading of a memorandum? A. Date, B. Subject , C. Copy , D. Form - ANSWER C. Copy A medical assistant wants to order boxes of 21-gauge, 1/2-inch needles. If the clinic uses four boxes weekly and supplies are ordered once every four weeks, how many boxes should she order? - ANSWER 16 A medical assistant made an incorrect entry into her patient's medical record. She understands that corrections in the medical record are made by: - ANSWER Drawing a line through the text to be corrected, writing the new information above the old, dating the new entry, and signing it. A scheduling method in which patients sign in and are seen on a first-come, first-served basis is known as which of the following? - ANSWER Open hours Medical records in this medical office are filed alphabetically. Arrange the following names in alphabetical order to prepare them for filing. Select the sequence of the numbers correctly that alphabetizes the names. (1) Smith, James (2) Smithson, Jane (3) Smithy, J. (4) Smithe, John - ANSWER (1), (4), (2), (3) Which pieces of incoming mail should be delivered directly to the physician unopened? - ANSWER A certified letter marked "Confidential" Which of the following type of magazines or journals should not be in the reception area? - ANSWER Physician's professional journals The method used to accommodate appointments for minor emergencies in the physician's office is to: - ANSWER leave unassigned slots in the appointment schedule. The physician has just arrived, and several patients are waiting to be seen. Which of the following patients should the physician see first? A. A patient for a blood pressure check B. A patient scheduled for an in office minor surgical procedure C.A walk-in patient complaining of chest pain D.A walk-in patient with a swollen ankle - ANSWER A walk-in patient complaining of chest pain Best method of interacting with an angry patient in the reception area? - ANSWER Invite the patient into a room out of the reception area When a patient cancels his or her appointment or merely does not show up, the correct course of action is to reprimand the patient. - ANSWER call the patient and try to reschedule for another time; document the The signature of the treating physician, medical assistant, or other healthcare provider on the medical record indicates that the record is accurate. This is called: - ANSWER authentication. Who is the legal owner of the medical record (original hardcopy or electronic medical record)? - ANSWER The physician or medical facility which initiated and developed the record What actions is most appropriate to ensure the security of electronic medical records? - ANSWER Restricting access to information based on each user's job function Which of the following dates is written correctly for inclusion in the heading of a business letter? A. 7/27/11 B. July 27th, 2011 C. July 27, 2011 D. July 27,'11 - ANSWER C. July 27, 2011 What represents the statistical characteristics of human populations (as in date of birth, address, telephone number, occupation, place of employment) used for identification? - ANSWER Demographic What priorities is most important when working with multi-user computerized patient record systems? - ANSWER Maintaining patient confidentiality The subject line of a letter appears: - ANSWER two lines below the salutation. A method of prioritizing patients so that the most urgent receive care first is called: - ANSWER triage. Which of the following is an appropriate responsibility for the medical assistant when assisting the physician with a surgical procedure? - ANSWER Ensuring that there is a signed patient consent form on file Under this doctrine, physicians are legally responsible for the acts of their employees when they are acting within the scope of their duties or employment - ANSWER Respondeat superior What legal proceedings is most likely to result in the revocation or suspension of a physician's license to practice medicine? - ANSWER Felony conviction The provision of medical care to physician's colleagues, their families, or staff free of charge (or at a reduced fee) is called: - ANSWER professional courtesy. If a physician accepts payment from another physician solely for the referral of a patient, both are guilty of: - ANSWER fee splitting. An action that causes bodily harm to another is referred to as: - ANSWER assault. According to the Patient Care Partnership (formerly the Patient's Bill of Rights), which of the following is a patient right? - ANSWER To expect continuity of care If a caring family member asks about a patient's treatment, the medical assistant should: - ANSWER provide only information that has been authorized by the patient. HIPAA requires covered entities to submit Medicare claims: - ANSWER through electronic data exchange. [Show More]

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