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Devoted 2021 Agent Certification Already Passed

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Devoted Vision ✔✔>60 net promoter score(NPS), while reducing costs by 20%, Long term 5 Core Ingredients ✔✔1. Newer Medicare Advantage Plan 2. Devoted Tech Platform 3. Partnership with stron... g pcp's 4. Devoted Health Guides 5.Devoted Medical Group Our Growth ✔✔Todd and Ed Park launched Devoted in 2017 (our first membership came in 2019). We are currently the fastest growing Medicare Advantage plan in the country.Devoted has 18,000 + members, as of May 2020. We have raised over $300 million, and are financially stable.We are building for a rolling 20-year horizon; we are not in the business of building and selling. Why we Start from Scratch ✔✔Building from the ground up means that we have not wasted time revising clunky systems or outdated tech. When everyone builds the company together, there is no pre-existing corporate culture that needs to be changed. Devoted Tech Platform ✔✔Our results: Faster claims processing - we pay specialists within 5 business days, 90% of the time. Prior authorizations processing within 72 hours. Credentialing process - less than 2 weeks to credential new providers. Faster commission payments. Pa [Show More]

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