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WGU C724- Information System Management 10/2020- PA Questions and Answers Already Passed

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WGU C724- Information System Management 10/2020- PA Questions and Answers Already Passed A small company that is growing quickly into a medium-sized company is facing the challenge of consolidatin... g and storing information received from multiple sources from the ground up in order to ensure that operations run efficiently. The company needs to hire an expert who will, in addition to the above, maintain security and apply upgrades as needed. Which IT professional does the company need to hire in order to address this challenge? ✔✔Database administrator The manufacturer of a popular mouthwash liquid brand is losing sales to a competitor who has been able to use bulk purchasing of its main ingredients from its wholesalers to receive a substantial price break in materials .Which IT management challenge is addressed in this scenario? ✔✔Develop strong relationships with suppliers A medium-sized legal services firm is facing an uncertain future as its larger competitors have managed to outsource their legal transcriptions services to virtual companies, thereby substantially reducing their internal secretarial pool. Which IT management challenge is does the medium-sized legal services firm face in this scenario? ✔✔Ensure long-term survival An automobile manufacturer is considering equipping the engines of its new models with the capability of detecting early symptoms of an imminent mechanical or electric failure, automatically transmitting that warning to the dealership from which the customer purchased the car, and the dealership automatically contacting the customer to schedule a repair appointment. It is facing the challenge of whether all this is technically feasible and operationally viable.Who needs to address this challenge of value creation through technology use? ✔✔Chief technology officer A car dealership has been receiving complaints from its customers about its inflexible repair system in which customers who drop off their cars the previous evening are not properly placed in the queue and tend to be placed behind those who drop off their cars the morning of the scheduled repair. It needs technical staff members who understand the scheduling/drop-off operation so it can determine and articulate precise customer needs to the programmers who would then build the code behind the system.What type of challenge is this? ✔✔User requirements An international company is facing the challenge of its software development team working on a specific application spread across the globe in 16 countries in 12 different time zones. Flying them to the same location once a week or even once a month for coordination purposes would be prohibitively expensive. Moreover, the issues that arise tend to be urgent and in need of almost immediate resolution in communication with team members in other countries. Which communication style is necessary to resolve the issues in the given scenario? ✔✔Synchronous An employee processes accounts payable using proprietary software. ✔✔Accounting department An employee verifies a customer's credit status using a credit check software. ✔✔Sales and marketing department An employee processes monthly payroll checks and benefits using an open-source software. ✔✔Human resources department An employee reviews daily inventory reports using an inventory management software. ✔✔Production and operations departmentThere are six major components of a computer-based information system, four of which are also in the information technology component. Which two components are only parts of the information system? ✔✔People and processes An organization has recently implemented an enterprise resource planning system. What competitive advantage will this system provide to the business? ✔✔Providing real-time assessment of organizational choices A retail organization has implemented a data warehouse. The organization has also recently implemented a customer relationship management system. What benefit will the functional integration of these two systems provide for this business? ✔✔Provide a competitive advantage based on business intelligence What are three primary components of information technology?Choose 3 answers ✔✔A network router, A host computer operating system, An Android-based smartphone Database management systems have evolved over time to include user-friendly command interfaces What issues does a healthcare organization risk experiencing when deploying userfriendly interface tools to access complex data? ✔✔Data corruption & Inaccurate search results What business strategy relies heavily on efficient and secure software implementations? ✔✔Web sales What business function benefits from both wireless networks and cellular technologies? ✔✔Product sales support An architect needs to create a multidimensional model on a computer of a proposed construction project in order to demonstrate the functionality and aesthetics of the building .Which hardware component is required to accomplish this task? ✔✔3d printerA company needs to allow multiple computers to have access to a shared printer. Which type of computer is required to manage the print requests to a shared printer ✔✔A server computer A large online retail store needs a computer system that can quickly process sales orders, inventory, payment, and shipping. Which computer system is required to accomplish these tasks? ✔✔Mainframe computer A large and established client gives your company an inflexible list of requirements and expects a formal, systematic, and structured methodology to develop a large-scale and completed deliverable for a fixed price and with a scope that will not change appreciably or quickly.Which approach or methodology would be most appropriate? ✔✔Waterfall approach Which approach to systems development has a limited emphasis on the planning process and uses prototypes in lieu of predetermined specifications? ✔✔Rapid application development multinational financial firm has decided to develop a new accounting system in-house using its existing information technology personnel. These personnel are distributed over several countries around the world so communication between the groups will be limited to emails with a response time of 48-72 hours .Which development strategy can the company choose to overcome these limitations? ✔✔Rational unified process A company has many separate departments that focus on different business aspects and uses data warehouse subsets to hold data specific to each individual department. The company started a new department and created a new subset .What is this new subset called? ✔✔Data mart Amanda has been asked to regularly extract and process databases from many sources into a data warehouse, which will be used by several divisions within the company.Which data type should Amanda recognize is prevented by her data warehouse design? ✔✔Variable Which type of database allows users to view multiple dimensions of the same static data in business intelligence examples, such as comparative or multi-year inventory levels and sales performance? ✔✔Analytical database A company is using extract, transform, load (ETL) techniques to collect large volumes of medical encounters. Its purpose is to build models that can determine whether a certain patient is at risk of death. Which techniques enable this company to achieve its goal? ✔✔Supervised learning, predictive analytics A marketing research firm is planning a study involving consumer preferences toward new coffee flavors. The company needs to analyze coffee data from the coffee manufacturer, as well as preference data from consumers in order to discover whether certain flavors are more or less popular among certain segments of the population. Which database technology would help the company conduct this research project? ✔✔Business intelligence system utilizing data mining technology A marketing manager would like to study customer behavior and how it relates to customer's purchase products from its online store. Specifically, she would like to know which website page the majority of customers spent the most time on, when and where they decided to abandon the shopping cart, and how long (on average) a customer takes to complete a sales transaction. Which database technology supports this study? ✔✔Clickstream analysis Which database management function can ensure that in university settings, only academic advisors and registrars can view (but not modify) students' grades for all classes? ✔✔Maintaining explicit access control policiesA professional sports team would like to increase interactions with audiences who watch live broadcast games on television. The marketing team has created a game website with live feeds, chatroom, and other interactive content, and is encouraging fans watching the game at home to log in and interact with other fans through the game website. The marketing team can learn about the fans' activities and preferences, among other things, from the information collected from the website in real-time.Which two database technologies may be used to support this type of activity? ✔✔Data mining and clickstream analysis Which telecommunication protocol is used to connect devices in a wireless local area network (LAN)? ✔✔Wi-Fi With technology trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Cloud Computing, eCommerce, and mCommerce, the Internet has become a very important and useful aspect of society. To prepare for these trends and aid in technology evolution, a necessary and critical change in telecommunications was the conversion from IPv4 to IPv6.What was the primary reason to convert to IPv6? ✔✔To increase the number of available IP addresses Which tactic defeats a war driver by barring access to your secured wireless network? ✔✔Configuring the access point to accept only specific MAC addresses Which telecommunication medium is used to transmit data wirelessly? ✔✔Radio frequency Which technology is an example of technology convergence that integrates instant messaging, Voice over IP (VoIP) telephones, mobile devices, video teleconferencing, file collaboration, and desktop sharing ✔✔Unified Communications (UC) Sasha is an IT engineer at a small online news agency, where 35 employees carry laptops and print to the wireless printer. Several wireless access points are installed in the ceiling at appropriate points throughout the office space, though they share the same Service Set Identifier (SSID). In fact, an employee can start a large download, and then carry her laptop from one end of the officespace to the other without losing her connection. Which network topology configuration supports this scenario? ✔✔Mesh topology Which two network devices boost Wi-Fi strength for wireless devices in areas of low signal quality? ✔✔Wireless bridge and wireless repeater Broadband has enabled data, voice, and video to be combined and transmitted over one network. What is the name of the standard that allows this convergence between voice and data networks? ✔✔VoIP GreenIT is an IT consulting agency contracted to provide network and telecommunications to 62 isolated forest fire watchtowers in several mountainous western states. The U.S. Forest Service has contracted GreenIT to provide broadband Internet service with minimal impact to the environment and small installation, maintenance, and subscription costs. Beyond available solar power and gasoline power generators, very few of the watchtowers have any sort of utility services already installed, and few other services exist for many miles around most of the installations. Which technology can Green IT implement to meet the requirements of the U.S. Forest Service in this scenario? ✔✔Satellite dish installation Interactions between buyers and sellers are often more effective when sellers intimately understand the needs of their customers, and when customers have more information to make important decisions. Thanks to the variety of beneficial resources, information, and services made possible by the Internet, such interactions may be highly individualized, and tailored to the buyer's purchasing capacity, and relative influence. What is another important advantage of a digital market over a traditional market, from a buyer's perspective? ✔✔Improved transparency With modern logistics systems, tracking technology (such as RFID and bar codes), and data analytics—aided immensely by the Internet—retail managers and staff recognize changes to consumer demand and inventory levels that vastly improves efficiency and workflow in their stores. Which enterprise system is focused on this improvement? ✔✔Supply chain managementThe traditional systems development lifecycle (SDLC) consists of six formal phases. Which phase of the SDLC involves developing the plan for capturing data and producing the output? ✔✔System design A bowling center has implemented a new expensive system in hopes of increasing its clientele. The system stores and tracks patrons' bowling performance over time and displays for them the extent to which their performance has been improving over time. However, this new system has failed to attract more patrons. During which phase of systems development is this failure discovered? ✔✔Evaluation Which tool is appropriate for use in the design phase of information systems development to specify the detailed logic of a business process in narrative form in a manner easily translatable into any programming language? ✔✔Pseudocode After the introduction of the 10th version of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), systems analysts were asked to update their system to the new standard. Which phase of the systems development life cycle does this scenario illustrate? ✔✔Maintenance A global chain of coffee shops has rolled out an app that allows customers who have signed up in advance to place an order remotely, pick up the item, and be charged automatically. However, the orders are received by stores often poorly formatted, leading to misunderstandings and customer dissatisfaction. Analysts who are assigned to handle this issue have difficulty finding the original design diagrams. Which phase of systems development was missing in this scenario? ✔✔Documentation In developing a new information system, a certain organization is experiencing considerable tension between the design department which wants to incorporate all types of fancy added features into the system and the finance department which projects that such actions would make the costof the system exceed its allotted budget. What role does a systems analyst play in this dispute? ✔✔Arbitrator A company is exploring the possibility of a merger with another company and decides to create a system model of the merged companies. In which step of the model will the company create a functional flow diagram? ✔✔Process A corporation wishes to modify its current distribution system. The management team asks the information systems (IS) team to analyze the proposed distribution change. Upon approval of the proposed IS project, the IS team must choose the project implementation method. Which method allows the old system to operate while the new system is developed and tested? ✔✔Parallel adoption An organization is planning its yearly budgeting cycle. Management has requested the information systems team to validate current hardware and software performance. Which type of evaluation can the team use to perform this validation? ✔✔Function-oriented A business requires large amounts of data that are processed into information and used to maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors. As the business grows, the data storage and processing capabilities are becoming extremely challenging and costly. What external technological environment can be used to help address these issues? ✔✔Cloud computing A company is investigating the purchase of land for a warehouse expansion project. The land in question has been in the public domain for several years. What business intelligence tool could be used to evaluate information regarding the land ✔✔Online analytical processing An investment banking corporation utilizes employee passwords as a data privacy measure to secure sensitive data. The IT security team has been tasked with ensuring the data is produced and modified in the correct way. Which data privacy goal is the IT security team tasked with accomplishing in this scenario? ✔✔IntegrityThe information systems support team is asked to perform an analysis of corporate privacy measurers regarding a centralized relational database. The database is interconnected to several business groups via the internal data network that also supports connectivity to outside organizations. Which ethical risk is identified after a secondary analysis? ✔✔The financial system introduces unwanted liabilities. What would be a feasible ethical statement of a company that generated a technology-based code of ethics? ✔✔Technologists should be honest with others What issue is the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) authorized to address when it legally requests banking records from an organization? ✔✔Data in use may be inaccurate. Advances in data storage allow a golf club manufacturer to store all contact with its customers. The manufacturer wants to use the customer behavior data to build electronic portfolios on individual customers for the purpose of predicting which golf club they will buy. Which activity can the manufacturer use to accomplish this, but is potentially invasive to customer privacy? ✔✔Profiling A company has issued smartphones to its employees with a policy that the devices may not be used off of the company's campus. An IT analyst has been tasked with finding a way to enforce this policy. Which solution provides a fitting solution to this problem? ✔✔Proximity authentication access control A regional manager has received an important financial document seemingly sent by a branch manager, but he doubts whether the report was actually sent by that manager. Which technology could be used to verify that the report was indeed sent by the [Show More]

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