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Practice Exam #1- California Cosmetology State Board Latest 2022

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A fold of skin overlapping both sides of the nail, may extend as far as the first knuckle: ✔✔Eponychium The area from the nail root to the free edge, contains no blood vessels/nerves: ✔✔Nail... plate/nail body Onychophagy refers to: ✔✔Bitten nails The technical term for bitten nails: ✔✔Onychophagy Improper trimming of toenails may result in : ✔✔Onychocryptosis High quality brushes to fashion acrylic nails are usually made from: ✔✔Sable Which governmental agency mandates the use of a P.D Test prior to using aniline tints? ✔✔FDA Which governmental regulates cosmetics in the U.S? ✔✔FDA Which agency re [Show More]

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by dl0606 · 1 year ago

There is one answer missing.


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