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IAHCSMM exam For Central Services Sterile Technician Certification Already Passed

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Since Central service techs dont handle money, ethics do not apply to them. True or False ✔✔False pg 16 Central service workflow can be divided into the handling of 3 categories of items: soiled... items, clean items, or sterile items. True or False ✔✔True pg 9 The use of positive and negative air pressure in the CSD is designed to take the place of heating and cooling. True or False ✔✔False Pg 13 Since modern CS departments are virtually risk free, CS Techs do not need to concerned with safety practices. True or False ✔✔False Pg 16 ______ ectomy. A. To cut ______ ostomy. B. Surgical removal ______ otomy. C. To suture ______ plasty. D. Incision into an organ ______ rrhaphy. E. Visual exam ______ oscopy. F. Surg creation of new opening ______ cise. G. Surg restoration or repair ✔✔B [Show More]

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