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EMT Practice Test Questions Latest Update Rated AWhat is the rate of CPR in breaths and compressions: Correct Answer-6 breaths and 110 compressions in a minute What is considered tachycardic for an... adult? Correct Answer-heart rate more than 100 What is considered bradycardic for an adult? Correct Answer-Heart rate less than 60 When is nitroglycerin not advised to be administered? Correct Answer-if the systolic blood pressure is less than 100 Where does blood flow after it leaves the left ventricle? Correct Answer-it flows to the aortic arch What medication is Erectile Dysfunction medications a contraindication? Correct Answer-nitroglycerin What is the parasympathetic system responsible for? Correct Answer-slowing the heart rate and intestinal activity What is the function of the carotid artery? Correct Answer-it carries blood from the heart to the head Are open ended or close ended questions better to ask? Correct Answer-open ended questions; it avoids the yes/no answer what delivers blood to the right atrium? Correct Answer-the superior and inferior vena cava What does diastolic blood pressure refer to? Correct Answer-it refers to the pressure of the vessels during the relaxation phase; bottom of the blood pressure [Show More]

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