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Accuplacer: Sentence Skills, Reading Comp., ESL Reading Skills, Accuplacer Sentence Skills, Accuplacer Reading Comprehension. SENTENCE SKILLS1

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Accuplacer: Sentence Skills, Reading Comp., ESL Reading Skills, Accuplacer Sentence Skills, Accuplacer Reading Comprehension. SENTENCE SKILLS1 The baby was obviously getting too --hot, then Sam di... d-- what he could to cool her. A) hot, then Sam did B) hot. Sam did C) hot; Sam, therefore, did D) hot; Sam trying to do >>>B SENTENCE SKILLS2 She hoped to find a new --job. One that-- would let her earn money during the school year. A) job. One that B) job. The kind that C) job, one that D) job, so that it >>>C SENTENCE SKILLS3 --Knocked sideways, the statue looked-- as if it would fall. A) Knocked sideways, the statue looked B) The statue was knocked sideways, looked C) The statue looked knocked sideways D) The statue, looking knocked sideways, >>>A SENTENCE SKILLS4 --To walk, biking, and driving-- are Pat's favorite ways of getting around. A) To walk, biking, and driving B) Walking, biking, and driving C) To walk, biking, and to drive D) To walk, to bike, and also driving >>>B SENTENCE SKILLS5 --When you cross the street in the midle of the block, this-- is an example of jaywalking. A) When you cross the street in the middle of the block, this B) You cross the street in the middle of the block, this C) Crossing the street in the middle of the block D) The fact that you cross the street in the middle of the block >>>C SENTENCE SKILLS6 Walking by the corner the other day, --a child, I noticed, was watching-- for the light to change. A) a child, I noticed, was B) I noticed a child watchingC) a child was watching, I noticed, D) there was, I noticed, a child watching >>>B SENTENCE SKILLS7 In his songs, Gordon Lightfoot makes melody and lyrics intricately intertwine. Rewrite, beginning with --Melody and lyrics-- Your new sentence will include A) Gordon Lightfoot has B) make Gordon Lightfoot's C) in Gordon Lightfoot's D) does Gordon Lightfood >>>C SENTENCE SKILLS8 It is easy to carry solid objects without spilling them, but the same cannot be said of liquids. Rewrite beginning with --Unlike liquids,-- The next words will be A) it is easy to B) we can easily C) solid objects can easily be D) solid objects are easy to be >>>C SENTENCE SKILLS9 Excited children ran toward the loud music, and they told others about the ice cream truck outside. Rewrite beginning with --The excited children, who had run toward the loud...-- The next words will be A) music, they told B) music told C) music, telling D) music and had told >>>B SENTENCE SKILLS10 If he had enough strength, Todd would move the boulder. Rewrite, the beginning with --Todd cannot move the boulder...-- The next words will be A) when lacking B) because he C) although there D) without enough >>>B SENTENCE SKILLS11The band began to play, and then the real party started. Rewrite the beginning with --The real party started...-- The next words will be A) after the band began B) and the band began C) although the band began D) the band beginning >>>A SENTENCE SKILLS12 Chris heard no unusual noises when he listened in the park. Rewrite beginning with --Listening in the park...-- The next words will be A) no unusual noises could be heard B) then Chris heard no unusual noises C) and hearing no unusual noises D) Chris heard no unusual noises >>>D READING COMP.1 In the words of Thomas DeQuincey, "It is notorious that the memory strengthens as you lay burdens upon it." If, like most people, you have trouble recalling the names of those you have just met, try this: The next time you are introduced, plan to remember the names. Say to yourself, "I'll listen carefully; I'll repeat each person's name to be sure I've got it, and I will remember." You'll discover how effective this technique is and probably recall those names for the rest of your life. The main idea of the paragraph maintains that the memory A) always operates at peak efficiency. B) breaks down under great strain. C) improves if it is used often. D) becomes unreliable if it tires. >>>C READING COMP.2 Unemployment was the overriding fact of life when Franklin D. Roosevelt became president of the United States on March 4, 1993. An anomaly of the time was that the government did not systematically collect statistics of joblessness; actually it did not start doing so until 1940. The Bureau of Labor Statistics later estimated that 12,830,000 persons were out of work in 1933, about 1/4 of a civilian labor force of more than 51 million. Roosevelt signed the Federal Emergency Relief Act of May 12, 1933. The president selected Harry L. Hopkins, who headed the New York relief program, to run FERA. A gifted administrator, Hopkins quickly put the program into high gear. He gathered a small staff in Washington and brought the state relief organizations into the FERA system. While the agency tried to provide all the necessities, food came first. City dwellers usually got an allowance for fuel, and rent for one month was provided in case of eviction.This passage is primarily about A) unemployment in the 1930s. B) the effect of unemployment on the United States families. C) President Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency. D) President Roosevelt's FERA program. >>>D READING COMP.3 It is said that a smile is universally understood. And nothing triggers a smile more universally than a taste of sugar. Nearly everyone loves sugar. Infant studies indicate that humans are born with an innate love of sweets. Based on statistics, a lot of people in Great Britain must be smiling because on average, every man, woman, and child in that country consumes 95 pounds of sugar each year. From this passage it seems safe to conclude that the English A) do not know that too much sugar is unhealthy. B) eat desserts at every meal. C) are fonder of sweets than most people. D) have more cavities than any other people. >>>C READING COMP.4 With varying success, many women around the world today struggle for equal rights. Historically, women have achieved greater equality with men during periods of social adversity. Three of the following factors initiated the greater number of improvements for women: violent revolution, world war, and the rigors of pioneering in an undeveloped land. In all three cases, the essential element that improved the status of women was a shortage of men, which required women to perform many of society's vital tasks. We can conclude from the information in this passage that A) women today are highly successful in winning equal rights. B) only pioneer women have been considered equal to men. C) historically, women have only achieved equality through force. D) historically, the principle of equality alone has not been enough to secure women equal rights. >>>D READING COMP.5 In 1848, Charles Burton of New York City made the first baby carriage, but people strongly objected to the vehicles because they said the carriage operators hit too many pedestrians. Still convinced that he had a good idea, Burton opened a factory in England. He obtained orders for the baby carriages from Queen Isabella II of Spain, Queen Victoria of England, and the Pasha of Egypt. The United States had to wait another 10 years before it got a carriage factory, and only 75 carriages were sold in the first year. Even after success of baby carriages in England, A) Charles Burton was a poor man. B) Americans were still reluctant to buy baby carriages. C) Americans purchased thousands of baby carriages. D) the United States bought more carriages than any other country. >>>BREADING COMP.6 All the water molecules form six-sided structures as they freeze and become snow crystals. The shape of the crystal is determined by temperature, vapor, and wind conditions in the upper atmosphere. Snow crystals are always symmetrical because these conditions affect all six sides simultaneously. The purpose of the passage is to present A) a personal observation. B) a solution to a problem. C) actual information. D) opposing scientific theories. >>>C READING COMP.7 --The Midwest is experiencing its worst drought in 15 years.-- --Corn and soybean prices are expected to be very high this year.-- What does the second sentence do? A) It restates the idea found in the first. B) It states an effect. C) It gives an example. D) It analyzes the statement made in the first. >>>B READING COMP.8 --Social studies classes focus on the complexity of our social environment.-- --The subject combines the study of history and the social sciences and promotes skills in citizenship.-- What does the second sentence do? A) It gives an example. B) It makes a contrast. C) It proposes a solution. D) it states an effect. >>>A READING COMP.9 --Knowledge of another language fosters greater awareness of cultural diversity among the peoples of the world.-- --Individuals who have foreign language skills can appreciate more readily other peoples' values and ways of life.-- How are the two sentences related? A) They contradict each other. B) They present problems and solutions. C) They establish a contrast. D) They repeat the same idea. >>>D READING COMP.10 --Serving on a jury is an important obligation of citizenship.-- --Many companies allow their employees paid leaves of absence to serve on juries.-- What does the second sentence do? A) It reinforces what it stated in the first.B) It explains what it stated in the first. C) The second expands on the first. D) It draws a conclusion about what is stated in the first. >>>A ESL Reading Skills1 Television has been introduced to almost every country in the world, reaching a long number of viewers on every continent. About 600 million people saw the first person walk on the moon, and a billion people watched the Twentieth Olympic Games. Television has in many ways promoted understanding and cooperation among people. It does this by showing educational and cultural programs. According to the passage, which of the following is true? A) Television is watched in nearly every country. B) Not everybody who had a television set could watch the 1998 World Cup finals. C) Watching television makes peoples dissatisfied with their own lives. D) Television was invented in 1980. >>>A ESL Reading Skills2 Janet's parents bought her a new sports car as a birthday present. It was blue. Janet sold her 7-year-old blue pickup truck to a high school student. The truck could not go very fast, but the student was happy with it. According to the passage, which if these statements is true? A) Janet bought a pickup truck and a sports car. B) The pickup truck was faster than the sports car. C) The high school student traded cars with Janet. D) The pickup was older than the sports car. >>>D ESL reading skills3 Some of Edward Weston's black-and-white photographs of American nature scenes are considered superb examples of visual art. Indeed, some of his photographs have commanded top prices at art galleries. Which of the following best characterizes Weston's photographs? A) They belong to famous collectors. B) They have been sold in art galleries for large sums of money. C) They introduced many Americans to visual arts. D) They contrast American cities with natural settings. >>>B ESL reading skills4 Speaking to a group of people can be a frightening experience. Some speakers cope by looking above the heads of the audience. Others try to imagine that they are talking to a friend. A few try picturing the audience in some non-threatening way, such as in their pajamas. The author of the passage assumes that speakers should A) feel comfortable when addressing an audience B) scare the audience C) encourage people to talk during the speech D) speak only to familiar people >>>AESL reading skills5 People have different ways of learning. Some are better at making mental pictures of new ideas. Others are more comfortable with writing lists of things to memorize. Certain people can learn best when listening to music, while others need silence to concentrate. Which if the following is the main idea of the passage? A) Mental pictures help many to learn. B) Some people prefer lists to making mental pictures. C) To learn well you need to be comfortable. D) Different individuals have different ways of acquiring information. >>>D ESL reading skills6 Before giving first aid to an accident victim, you should obtain his or her consent. Asking for consent takes a simple question. Say to the victim, "I know first aid, and I can help you until an ambulance arrives. Is that okay?" "Asking for consent" means asking for A) permission to help the victim B) thanks from the victim C) help from onlookers D) information about the victim's injuries >>>A ESL reading skills7 Jane and Paul are busy for 15 hours a day, 5 days a week going to college and working in a restaurant. They go to sleep at 11 p.m. every day, but on Sunday they take part in dance lessons. According to the passage, Jane and Paul spend most of their time A) at home B) going to college and working C) taking parts in dance lessons D) sleeping >>>B ESL reading skills8 If you hold a piece of copper wire over the flame of a match, heat will be conducted by the copper wire to your fingers, and you will be forced to drop the wire. You will, however, still be able to hold the match because the match is a poor conductor of heat. Anyone, child or adult, can try this simple experiment. Which of the following is stated in the passage above? A) Copper is a good conductor of heat. B) A match and copper conduct heat equally. C) A match is an excellent conductor of heat. D) Matches should be kept out of the reach of small children. >>>A ESL reading skill9 Many people own different pets. Dogs, cats, birds, and fish are common household pets. Others pets are considered to be exotic animals. These include snakes, lizards, and hedgehogs.Snakes are A) uncommon pets B) likely to be found in a household with dogs C) found only in zoos D) not allowed in people's homes >>>A ESL Reading skills10 Cesar Chavez was an influential leader for farm workers. He fought for their rights and better working conditions. Chavez led many strikes that angered farm owners. Eventually he succeeded in getting increased wages and improved living situations for farm workers. Chavez changed lives because he A) helped the farmers get more workers B) worked for the farmers C) helped work on the farms everyday D) changed the conditions for the farm workers >>>D ESL sentence meaning1 Shikibu Murasaki, who wrote almost a thousand years ago, was one of the world's _____ novelists. A) most nearly B) too early C) earlier D) earliest >>>D ESL sentence meaning2 The Chang children helped _____ their parents by making sandwiches for the whole family. A) out B) with C) for D) to >>>A ESL sentence meaning3 As demonstrated by his new album, Ibrahim Ferrer _____ one of the most beautiful voices in Latin music. A) has B) have C) had D) having >>>A ESL sentence meaning 4 After we saw the play, we had different opinions _____ Jane's performance. A) about B) at C) forD) towards >>>A ESL Sentence meaning5 Elena found a tomato that was much bigger than all the others in the garden. How did the tomato compare to the others in the garden? A) It was the smallest B) It was not very large C) It was larger than some D) It was the largest >>>D ESL Sentence meaning6 When the popular entertainer cancelled her appearance, the Latin American festival was postponed. When will the festival take place? A) Never B) Right away C) Tomorrow D) Later >>>D ESL Sentence meaning7 Janet, who is usually on time, explained why she was a little late for dinner. Which best describes Janet? A) Hungry B) Punctual C) Talkative D) Tardy >>>B ESL sentence meaning8 Bram Stoker is best known for his classic horror novel Dracula, which was published In 1897. What did Bram Stoker do? A) He was an actor. B) He was a merchant. C) He was a writer. D) He was an engineer. >>>C ESL sentence meaning9 Exhausted from her transatlantic flight, Judy could not stay up past 9:00 p.m. What did Judy do by 9:00 p.m.? A) Leave work B) Come home from the airport C) Lose her enthusiasm D) Go to bed >>>D ESL sentence meaning10 [Show More]

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