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TMC 9 Exam Questions (questions with 100% verified correct answers)

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TMC 9 Exam Questions (questions with 100% verified correct answers)A 70-kg (154-lb) COPD patient who was started on mechanical ventilation due to a severe pulmonary infection has the following weanin... g parameters & clinical data three days after initiation of mechanical ventilation: MIP -25 cmH20 Spont VT 360 mL RR 27 WBC 8,000 per cu mmHb 16 gm/dL Based on the calculated RSBI, the respiratory therapist should recommend - ✔✔discontinuing mechanical ventilation RSBI= RR/VT Which of the following patient conditions would CONTRAINDICATE the use of Trendelenburg's position? - ✔✔Increased intracranial pressures Which of the following defibrillator settings is appropriate for treating a patient with ventricular tachycardia? - ✔✔synchronization set to OFF A physician requests the presence of a respiratory therapist for an intubation to deliver Exosurf to a newborn. Which of the following clinical finding is most likely? - ✔✔L/S ratio less than 2:1 A 40-week gestational age neonate is receiving time-cycled, pressure-limited ventilation with an I-time of 0.4 seconds, PIP 28 cm H2O, RR of 25/min, FIO2 0.45 and PEEP 5 cm H2O. As the flowrate is increased, what will happen to the I:E ratio? - ✔✔No change A respiratory therapist is assigned to monitor a mechanically ventilated male patient with the following settings and clinical data: Mode Pressure/control Mandatory Rate 20/min FIO2 0.75 PIP 30 cm H20 I:E ratio 2:1 PEEP 22 cm H20 pH 7.35 PaCO2 50 torr PaO2 60 torr Based on this data, which of the following conditions is most likely? - ✔✔Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Which of the following actions would most likely resolve a high-pressure alarm on a volume-cycled adult ventilator? - ✔✔suction the patient [Show More]

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