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KNOWLEDGE BASED COMPETENCIES AND METHODS COMPETENCIES METHODS 1. Listing of epidemiological techniques and methods Lecture, Review of Research Articles . 2. Describing application of these methods to ... communicable and non- communicable diseases in community and hospital situation Project work in Community and Hospital. 3. Apply biostatistical method and technique Lecture, Practical and Project work. 4. Deciding when there is epidemic visit to District health office and record section 5. Method of surveillance Lecture and visit to PHC 6. Steps of investigation of an epidemic Case Study 7. Steps Of Designing any Research activity Project work and lecture SKILL BASED COMPETENCIES AND METHODS 1. Use epidemiology as a scientific tool to make rational decision relevant to community & individual patient intervention Case Study And Project Work 2. Collect , analyse , interpret & present simple community & hospital based data. Project Work 3. Investigation of epidemic. Case Study 4. Designing study to test hypothesis Lecture and Case Study 5. Applying appropriate statistical method to test the significance of association Project work 6. Writing research article /report. Project work, Article review 7. Method for reviewing research article. Journal presentation and discussion 8. To keep track of the disease in the community & to decide the action if warranted at PHC level. Lecture and Case study AN EXAMPLE… INVESTIGATION OF AN OUT BREAK. 1. Defining Epidemic Lecture ,Review of Research articles 2. Listing types of epidemic Project work in community and hospital 3. Deciding when there is epidemic visit to district health office and record section 4. Method of surviellence Lecture and visit to PHC 5. Steps of investigation of an epidemic Case Study 6. Prevalence and incidence of endemic diseases Visit to PHC 7. Demography of the area of concern Lecture 8. [Show More]

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