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AAPC CPC Chapter 3 ( with questions & 100% verified correct answers)

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AAPC CPC Chapter 3 ( with questions & 100% verified correct answers)f10.21 (Alcohol dependence, in remission) - ✔✔ICD-10-CM code for Personal History of Alcohol Dependence T51.0X2 (Toxic effect ... of ethanol, intentional self-harm) - ✔✔ICD-10-CM code for Suicide Attempt using Absinthe False (Never primary, and always follow another code) - ✔✔True or false: External Cause of Injury codes are acceptable to be used as primary Dx code, and/or singularly. B (Same as 'unspecified') - ✔✔NOS stands for: A) No Other Symptoms B) Not Otherwise Specified C) Never Operated Surgery D) New Operating System C - ✔✔Punctuation used to include supplemental information about a diagnosis code, but does not effect code assignment: A) Semicolon B) Quotation marks C) Parenthesis D) Asterisk A - ✔✔What does the reference I.C.7.a.2 refer you to in the ICD-10-cm guidelines?: A) Glaucoma: bilateral glaucoma with same type and stage B) Diabetes: overdose of insulin due to insulin pump failure C) Etiology/manifestation convention D) HIV: whether the patient is newly diagnosed B (Example: E11.6 - Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with diabetic arthropathy) - ✔✔The ____th character in the ICD-10-cm code defines the site, etiology, manifestation, or state of the disease/condition: A) 5th B) 4th C) 6th D) 7th C (Example: E11.610 - Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with diabetic nephropathic arthropathy) - ✔✔The ____th or ____th character in the ICD-10-cm code represents the most accurate level of specificity regarding the condition: A) 4th or 5th B) 6th or 7th C) 5th or 6th [Show More]

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