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PTCB Exam Questions and Answers Latest 2022 Already Passed

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PTCB Exam Questions and Answers Latest 2022 Already Passed The directions for use for Timoptic is 2 gtts os bid. What is the meaning of os? Correct Answer-left eye What is the Latin abbreviation fo... r "after meals"? Correct Answer-pc An order reads "Tylenol 325mg pr q 4 h prn". What dosage form should be dispensed? Correct Answersuppositories A pharmacy technician repacks bulk solid dosage forms into unit dosed packages. What expiration date will appear on the package? Correct Answer-50% of labeled expiration date to a maximum of 1 year The expiration date on a bottle of Cipro 500mg tablets states 4/09. When does this drug expire? Correct Answer-midnight 4/30/09 A physician prescribes Ceclor 375mg po bid. What is wrong with this prescription? Correct Answer-the Rx lacks a duration of therapyWhich dosage form is formulated to dissolve in the intestine rather than the stomach? Correct Answerenteric-coated What is the term for the process by which substances are taken up and transported to the bloodstream? Correct Answer-absorption What is "room temperature" Correct Answer-15-30 degrees Centigrade The process whereby a drug is transformed by the liver is referred to as; Correct Answer-metabolism A patient enters the pharmacy complaining of persistent heartburn. The pharmacy technician should: Correct Answer-tell the patient to speak to the pharmacist Which of the following duties may a pharmacy technician not do? enter a prescription data into the computer call the wholesaler for a drug order affix a drug label to a prescription container accept a verbal medication order from a physician Correct Answer-accept a verbal medication order from a physicianThe directions for use of a medication are " ii gtts au q 4 h x 5d". What is au? Correct Answer-in both ears The dispensing label on an outpatient pharmacy prescription requires: Correct Answer-legal name of pharmacy and address The NDC on a medication bottle refers to the: Correct Answer--manufacturer -drug product -quantity packaged What dosage form is formulated to mask an objectionable taste of a medication? Correct Answer-filmcoated tablets What dosage forms has the highest concentration of alcohol in its formulation? Correct Answer-a tincture Which of the following is NOT required on a unit-dosed packaged drug? -expiration date -lot # -storage requirements -strength of medication Correct Answer-storage requirementsNonprescription drugs should not be included in the patient profile. a) true b) false Correct Answer-false Amoxicillin oral suspension is stable in a refrigerator for how many days after reconstitution? Correct Answer-14 Which drug is likely to cause a photosensitivity reaction? a) Biaxin b) penicillin c) Cipro d) tetracycline Correct Answer-tetracycline The abbreviation 'PCN" means what? Correct Answer-penicillin Which of the following 2 drug classes have cross sensitivity? a) tetracycline and penicillin b) penicillin and erythromycine) erythromycin and penicillin d) penicillin and cephalosporin Correct Answer-penicillin and cephalosporin What is the storage requirement for reconstituted amoxicillin 250 mg/ 5ml? Correct Answer-36 to 46 degrees F Translate the following: a. Gtt ii o.u. q 4 h prn b. M. ft ung c. tsp i q 4 h or 5 h prn itching Correct Answer-a) Place 2 drops into both eyes every 4 hours as needed b) Mix and make an ointment c) Take one teaspoonful by mouth every 4 to 5 hours as needed for itch How many times can an unscheduled prescription be refilled on a PRN prescription order? Correct Answer-as needed for one year What schedule are the following drug products? Vicodin ______ Valium ______ Codeine _____Lomotil ______ Correct Answer-Vicodin __3___ Valium __4___ Codeine __2__ Lomotil __5__ Acetaminophen possesses all of the following except a) analgesic b) anti-inflammatory c) antipyretic Correct Answer-anti-inflammatory How does activated charcoal work in an overdose? Correct Answer-absorbs the poison The dose of syrup of ipecac for children is_____ Correct Answer-15 ml The normal dose of fexofenadine is: Correct Answer-60 mg bid The highest strength of Demerol is: Correct Answer-100 mg List 3 known routes of transmission of HIV infections Correct Answer--bodily fluids-blood transfusions -mom to fetus Medication class of Provera? Correct Answer-progestin Estraderm is available in which dosage form? Correct Answer-patch Pseudoephedrine, a common ingredient in cold preparations, is contraindicated in which of the following disease states? a) hypertension b) asthma c) constipation d) cancer Correct Answer-hypertension Which of the following drugs is a benzodiazepine? Fiorinal b) Percodan c) Demerol d) Klonopin Correct Answer-KlonopinWhat drug is used to treat dyspepsia (ulcers)? Correct Answer-Pepcid A patient hands you an empty vial of Ritalin and asks for the Rx to be refilled. What should you do? Correct Answer-tell the patient that the medicine is not refillable Which of the following drugs is not an OTC product? a) Advil b) Nuperin c) Ibuprofen 400mg d) Tylenol suppositories Correct Answer-Ibuprofen 400mg Which of the following drugs is used in chest pain? a) meperidine b) diltiazem c) nitroglycerin d) piroxicam Correct Answer-nitroglycerin Codeine, meperidine and oxycodone all belong to which controlled schedule? Correct Answer-IIWhat is "Syrup of Ipecac" indicated for? Correct Answer-to induce vomiting Which of the following drugs is not a laxative? a) Dulcolax b) Metamucil c) Imodium d) Colace Correct Answer-Imodium A patient on warfarin therapy should never take which of the following medications? a) Percocet b) Tylenol c) Demerol d) Percodan Correct Answer-Percodan Which of the following is a Scheduled IV controlled substance? a) Lomotil b) Xanax c) Demerold) Haldol Correct Answer-Xanax Heparin belongs to which pharmacological category? Correct Answer-anticoagulant Which of the following medications is an anticonvulsant? a) atenolol b) dextromethorphan c) carbamazepine d) isoxsuprine Correct Answer-carbamazepine Terbutaline belongs to which drug classification? a) antineoplastic b) anticonvulsant c) bronchodilator Correct Answer-bronchodilator The joint action of drugs in which their combined effect is more intense or longer in duration than the sum of their individual effects is: Correct Answer-synergismThe most used drug for parkinsonism is Correct Answer-Sinemet The exact amount of a drug administered to get a specific response is the Correct Answer-dose When dispensing an antidepressant; the patient should be informed that Correct Answer-it may take as long as two weeks before the drug is effective Which drug has a loading dose as part of the regimen? a) Macrodantin b) Zithromax c) Cipro d) Doxycycline Correct Answer-Zithromax Treatment for migraine is most effective if Correct Answer-initiated early in the attack Expectorants are used in lung disease to Correct Answer-stimulate respiratory secretions and break up mucus Which drugs listed should be taken on an empty stomach a) tetracyclineb) NSAIDS c) Dilantin d) all of the above Correct Answer-tetracycline Which B vitamins need to be given IM? Correct Answer-B12 The nitro patch should not be worn 24 hours a day in order to avoid Correct Answer-tolerance Which OTC lowers cholesterol and can cause a flushing reaction? Correct Answer-niacin The technician should check for which drugs in the profile if the patient is on a potassium supplement? Correct Answer--ACE inhibitors -Dyazide -Maxzide Nitroglycerin may be stored in all of the listed except a) an amber glass bottle b) prescription bottles c) original containerd) none of the above Correct Answer-prescription bottles Why are diuretics commonly used in congestive heart failure? Correct Answer-to decrease the amount of fluid in the body by increasing urination All of the following belong to the class of drugs known as ACE inhibitors except a) captopril b) digoxin c) enalapril d) ramipril Correct Answer-digoxin Most superpotent topical steroids have restrictions limiting their use to Correct Answer-2 weeks; 40-50 grams in one week The NSAID most frequently used to treat gout is Correct Answer-indomethacin Which urinary analgesic will turn urine orange? Correct Answer-Pyridium Which drug reduces blood pressure and grows hair? a) Inderalb) Catapress c) Loniten d) Aldomet Correct Answer-Loniten (minoxidil) Which drug dissolves a clot once it has formed? a) heparin b) Coumadin c) Fragmin d) urokinase Correct Answer-urokinase Which drug is a loop diuretic? a) Bumex b) Dyazide c) Diltiazem d) Ziac Correct Answer-Bumex Which drug is a calcium channel blocker? a) digoxin b) nitroglycerinc) verapamil d) Zestril Correct Answer-verapamil The drug most used for an acute gout attack is Correct Answer-Zyloprim What type of prescription balance must be used for compounding 120 mgs of a 1% topical antifungal cream? Correct Answer-class A What type of measuring device should be used to measure 3 ml of a liquid for compounding? Correct Answer-10 ml cylindrical graduate Grinding of tablets into a fine powder in a porcelain mortar is an example of: Correct Answer-trituration What is the proper method of measuring a liquid in a graduated cylinder? Correct Answer-hold at eye level and read the bottom of the meniscus The process of producing a smooth dispersion of a drug with a spatula is called Correct Answerlevigation What is the most accurate device for mea [Show More]

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