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Which characteristic best describes the fine motor skills of a 5-month-old infant? • Has a neat pincer grasp • Has a strong grasp reflex • Is able to grasp object voluntarily Correct • Can... build a tower of two cubes 2. 2.ID: 14343002147 A parent of an 8-month-old infant tells the nurse that the baby cries and screams whenever the infant is left with the grandparents. The nurse's response is based on which observation? • The infant is most likely spoiled. • An infant screaming when left with grandparents is a normal reaction for this age. Correct • An infant screaming when left with grandparents is an abnormal reaction for this age. • The grandparents are not responsive to the infant. 3. 3.ID: 14343002129 An infant is expected to be able to say "mama" and "dada" with meaning by what age? • 4 months • 6 months • 10 months Correct • 14 months 4. 4.ID: 14343002121 The parents of a 9-month-old infant tell the nurse that they are worried about their baby's thumb-sucking. The nurse's response should be based on what developmental information? • A pacifier should be substituted for the thumb. • Thumb-sucking should be discouraged by age 12 months. • Thumb-sucking should be discouraged when the teeth begin to erupt. • There is no need to restrain nonnutritive sucking during infancy. Correct 5. 5.ID: 14343002118 Which is the most appropriate recommendation for relief of teething pain? • Rub the infant’s gums with aspirin to relieve inflammation. • Apply diluted hydrogen peroxide to gums to relieve irritation. • Give the child a frozen teething ring to relieve inflammation. Correct • Have the child chew on a warm teething ring to encourage tooth eruption. 6. 6.ID: 14343002115 The mother of a 3-month-old breastfed infant asks about giving her baby water because it is summer and very warm. What is the most appropriate recommendation by the nurse? • Fluids in addition to breast milk are not needed. Correct • Water should be given if the infant seems to nurse longer than usual. • Water once or twice a day will make up for losses resulting from environmental temperature. • Clear juices would be better than water to promote adequate fluid intake. 7. 7.ID: 14343002112 The parent of a 12-month-old male infant says to the nurse, "He pushes the teaspoon right out of my hand when I feed him. I can't let him feed himself because he makes too much of a mess." What is the most appropriate response by the nurse? • "It's important not to give in to this kind of temper tantrum at this age." • "Maybe you need to try a different type of spoon, one designed for young children." • "It's important to let make a mess and know it will go away as he gets older.” • "He’s at the stage where he is old enough to beginning learning how to feed himself.” Correct 8. 8.ID: 14343002109 The parents of a 5-month-old girl complain to the nurse that they are exhausted because she still wakes up as often as every 1 to 2 hours during the night. When she awakens, they change her diaper, and her mother nurses her back to sleep. What should the nurse suggest to help them deal with this problem? • Put her in the parents' bed to cuddle. • Let her cry herself back to sleep. • Start putting her to bed while still awake. Correct • Leave her a bottle of formula when put into her crib at night. 9. 9.ID: 14343002104 A 4-month-old male is brought to the clinic by his parents for a well-baby checkup. Which recommendation about injury prevention should the nurse include at this time? • Keep doors of appliances closed at all times. • Never use baby powder on the infant because it can be aspirated into his lungs. • Do not permit the infant to chew paint from window ledges because he might absorb lead. • When your baby learns to roll over you must supervise him whenever he is on a surface from which he might fall. Correct 10. 10.ID: 14343000296 Which best describes colic? • It is usually the result of poor or inadequate mothering. • The infant experiences periods of abdominal pain that result in weight loss. • Infants older than 6 months of age experience periods of abdominal pain and crying. • It is paroxysmal abdominal pain or cramping manifested by episodes of loud crying. Correct 11. 11.ID: 14343000291 Which intervention lowers the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)? • Smoking away from the infant. • Putting the infant to sleep in the supine position. Correct • Making sure the infant is kept very warm while sleeping. • Having the infant sleep with parents instead of alone in a crib. 12. 12.ID: 14343000286 Why are infants particularly vulnerable to acceleration-deceleration head injuries? • The musculoskeletal support of head is insufficient. Correct • The anterior fontanel is not yet closed. • Nerve tissue is not well developed. • The scalp has extensive vascularity. 13. 13.ID: 14343000282 A 6-month-old’s mother is asking the nurse during an office visit for immunizations about what is normal for her infant daughter to be doing. What information given by the nurse is correct? (Select all that apply.) • She should be sitting alone leaning forward on her hands. Correct • She should be able to roll from her back to her abdomen. Correct • She should have been rolling from her abdomen to her back for at least a month. Correct • She should be developing the pincer grasp. • She grasps objects using all of her fingers in a raking motion. Correct • She should be pulling herself up in her crib. 14. 14.ID: 14343000277 An 11-month-old is beginning to finger feed himself. What foods would be appropriate for the parents to prepare in bite sizes for him to eat? (Select all that apply.) • Cooked carrots Correct • Canned peaches Correct • Grapes Correct • Popcorn • Cheese Correct • Pretzel sticks 1. 1.ID: 14343053509 The nurse is discussing toddler development with a parent. Which intervention will best foster the achievement of autonomy in the toddler? • Helping the toddler complete tasks. • Helping the toddler learn the difference between right and wrong. • Providing opportunities for the toddler to play with other children. • Encouraging the toddler to do things for self when capable of doing them. Correct [Show More]

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