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HESI Exam Questions and Answers Already Graded A Predicate Correct Answer-The part of the sentence that contains the action word (verb) that tells us what the subject is or does Pronouns Correct A... nswer-He, she, and they are examples of...? Adverbs Correct Answer--They provide more details in a sentence and modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs, but not nouns. -They tell you when or how something happened or how something looks or feels. - Many end in -ly and one is the word not Ex. Mrs. Cooper's car accident REGRETTABLY left her with multiple abrasions, and she felt MISERABLE. Phrases Correct Answer-A sentence that lacks a subject and a verb. For example: from that night among the girls around the bush Prepositional Phrases Correct Answer-A sentence part that lacks a subject or verb and contains prepositions Prepositions are words that introduce information to the reader. This information can include where something takes place (such as 'at' the store), when or why something takes place (such as 'before' dinner), or general descriptive information (such as the girl 'with' the cool tattoo). For example: - to the store - in the street - on the roof - at the hospital - with a stethoscopeParticiple Phrase Correct Answer-A part of a sentence that contains a verb and a participle. When it introduces and modifies a sentence, it's separated from the rest of a sentence by a comma. i.e. Pleased by the doctor's complimentary words, the nurse smiled. Clause Correct Answer-A sentence part that contains a subject and a verb. Independent Clause Correct Answer-It can stand on its own as a sentence; it has a subject and a verb and makes a complete thought. Dependent Clause Correct Answer-A part of a sentence that depends on other words to be added to it to make sense. It CANNOT stand on its own because it does not form a complete thought. For example, -Until the third shift comes on duty -Because she missed punching in by 15 minutes -Whenever the fire alarm went off in the hospital. Adverbial clause Correct Answer-A dependent clause that modifies an a verb and can be placed at the beginning or end of a sentence. i.e. Whenever the doctor operates, he leaves VIRTUALLY no scar. Adjectival Clause Correct Answer-The dependent clause that modifies a noun or pronoun. i.e. The only nurse on the shift who is not from New York is Angelina "who is not from New York," modifies nurse Noun Clause Correct Answer-A sentence part that contains a subject and a verb that functions as a noun. This kind of clause can be the subject of the sentence, or it can receive the action of the verb i.e. Where have the patient's charts gone is anyone's guessThe noun clause functions as the subject Semicolon Correct Answer-A part of punctuation that is not used as much as a comma, but used to: A) Separate independent clauses that are not joined by a conjunction, such as and or but i.e. Working the night shift is exhausting; working the morning one can be also B) Separate independent clauses when on e or both of them contains a comma i.e. After the intravenous needle was in, the nurse planned to add a unit of blood; but she had to go check the patients blood type first. C) To separate independent clauses when the second clause begins with a conjunctive adverb such as however, nevertheless, moreover, consequently, or for example Colon Correct Answer-This punctuation mark is primarily used: A) Before a list i.e. The supply closet was missing multiple items: two packages of gaze, six bottles of pain medication, three boxes of sterile needles and four cotton swabs B) Before a long quotation i.e. An anonymous person once said: "When you're a nurse you know that every day you will touch a life or a life will touch you." C) After the salutation of a business letter i.e. Dear Staff Administrator: Integers Correct Answer-These numbers are: - Divisible by one - Do not have anything in after the decimal - Are the number you use to count things that are divisible such as; cars, marbles, and children Absolute Value Correct Answer-A number with vertical lines on either side of it and is representative of the distance from zero. This value is ALWAYS a positive number. Ex. | -3 |= 3 and | 3 |= 3Prime numbers Correct Answer-A number that has exactly two different factors: itself and one. It cannot be negative numbers, 0, or one. I.E. 2,3,5,7,11, and 13 2,3,5, 7, 11, and 13 Correct Answer-What are the 6 smallest prime numbers? Mean Correct Answer-The average, calculating it means adding all of the values given and diving the sum by the number numbers that were listed. Median Correct Answer-The number in the middle of an ordered list Mode Correct Answer-The number that appears most frequently on the a list. Perpendicular lines Correct Answer-Lines that cross each other at a 90 degree angle are called? A= b*h /2 Correct Answer-What is the formula for the area of a triangle? radius Correct Answer-The measurement from the outside of the circle to the center d = 2r Correct Answer-Formula for diameter C = 2πr Correct Answer-What is the formula for the circumference of a circle? A=π(r^2) Correct Answer-What is the formula for the area of a circle? Hypotenuse Correct Answer-The longest side of a right-angled triangle, the side opposite of the right angle. Pythagorean Theorem Correct Answer-It can be used to calculate missing lengths of sides of triangles and is A^2+B^2=C^2S= (y^2-y^1/x^2-x^1) Correct Answer-What is the formula for the slope of a line if you only have two points on a line? 8 oz Correct Answer-How many ounces are in a cup? 2 cups Correct Answer-How many cups are in a pint? 2 pints Correct Answer-How many pints are in a quart? 4 quarts Correct Answer-How many quarts are in a gallon? 16 oz Correct Answer-How many ounces are in a pound? 2000 lbs Correct Answer-How many pounds are in a ton? 3 feet Correct Answer-How many feet are in a yard? 5280 feet Correct Answer-How many feet are in a mile? 1.09 yards Correct Answer-How many yards are in a meter? 2.54 centimeters Correct Answer-How many centimet [Show More]

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