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FISDAP/NREMT Trauma Practice Questions An alert 18 y/o female is found trapped in her car after a single-car MVC. The airbag deployed, and she denies any head or neck pain, but she complains of hip... and left leg pain. When she is finally extricated from the car, her vital signs begin to collapse. What shock is she transitioning from? A) neurogenic shock to hypovolemic shock B) decompensated shock to compensated shock C) compensated shock to decompensated shock D) decompensated shock to hypovolemic shock - CORRECT ANSWER C) compensated shock to decompensated shock Which of the following MOIs would NOT be significant for an adult? A) death in the same passenger compartment B) fall from more than 10 feet C) ejection from vehicle D) altered mental status - CORRECT ANSWER B) fall from more than 10 feet A 20 y/o female has burns on her chest, abdomen, and on the anterior side of her right arm. What percentage of her body is burned? A) 22.5% B) 27% C) 40.5% D) 18% - CORRECT ANSWER A) 22.5% Before placing an unconscious 6 y/o on a backboard, what should you do? A) place padding directly underneath the head B) place padding underneath the shoulders C) contact the parents for consent D) assess vital signs - CORRECT ANSWER B) place padding underneath the shoulders What best defines shock? A) lack of adequate perfusion to the tissues B) hemorrhage exceeding 50% of total blood volume C) deficiency of vascular tone due to hemorrhage D) inadequate cerebral blood flow - CORRECT ANSWER A) lack of adequate perfusion to the tissues Your patient's vehicle was struck by another motorist from behind. What should you do? A) perform a head-to-toe examination B) stabilize the c-spine C) administer high-flow oxygen D) apply a half-spine immobilization device - CORRECT ANSWER B) stabilize the cspine An 18 y/o female was hit and has 4 teeth pushed into the upper gums of her jaw. She complains of severe pain and discomfort. Bleeding is minimal. BP is 120/90, HR is 88 bpm, RR is 16/min, and SpO2 is 96%. What should you do? A) administer aspirin for pain B) insert an OPA to maintain patency C) apply oxygen by NRB at 15 L/min D) monitor her bleeding and ensure a patent airway - CORRECT ANSWER D) monitor her bleeding and ensure a patent airway An injury produced by wounding forces of compression and change of speed, both of which can disrupt tissue, is defined as: A) third degree trauma B) penetrating trauma C) blunt trauma D) cavitation - CORRECT ANSWER C) blunt trauma A 34 y/o female has been bleeding vaginally for 2 hours. She is anxious, alert, and oriented. Her skin is cool, pale, and diaphoretic. BP is 116/70, HR 118 bpm, and RR 20/min. What should you suspect? A) hypotensive shock B) hypertensive shock C) decompensated shock D) compensated shock - CORRECT ANSWER D) compensated shock What is a contraindication of a traction splint? A) signs of hypoperfusion B) swelling or deformity to the thigh C) pelvic fracture D) potential spinal injury - CORRECT ANSWER C) pelvic fracture A 56 y/o male involved in a car accident complains of chest and abdominal pain. Pulses differ by 10 mmHg systolic bilaterally and lung sounds are muf [Show More]

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