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Test Bank for Guide to Computer Forensics and Investigations, 6th Edition, 6e by Bill Nelson, Amelia Phillips, Christopher Steuart TEST BANK ISBN-13: 9781337678612 Full chapters included 1. Chapt... er 1: Understanding the Digital Forensics Profession and Investigations 2. An Overview of Digital Forensics 3. Preparing for Digital Investigations 4. Maintaining Professional Conduct 5. Preparing a Digital Forensics Investigation 6. Procedures for Private-Sector High-Tech Investigations 7. Understanding Data Recovery Workstations and Software 8. Conducting an Investigation 9. Chapter Summary 10. Key Terms 11. Review Questions 12. Hands-On Projects 13. Case Projects 14. Chapter 2: The Investigator's Office and Laboratory 15. Understanding Forensics Lab Accreditation Requirements 16. Determining the Physical Requirements for a Digital Forensics Lab 17. Selecting a Basic Forensic Workstation 18. Building a Business Case for Developing a Forensics Lab 19. Chapter Summary 20. Key Terms 21. Review Questions 22. Hands-On Projects 23. Case Projects 24. Chapter 3: Data Acquisition 25. Understanding Storage Formats for Digital Evidence 26. Determining the Best Acquisition Method 27. Contingency Planning for Image Acquisitions 28. Using Acquisition Tools 29. Validating Data Acquisitions 30. Performing RAID Data Acquisitions 31. Using Remote Network Acquisition Tools 32. Using Other Forensics Acquisition Tools 33. Chapter Summary 34. Key Terms 35. Review Questions 36. Hands-On Projects 37. Case Projects 38. Chapter 4: Processing Crime and Incident Scenes 39. Identifying Digital Evidence 40. Collecting Evidence in Private-Sector Incident Scenes 41. Processing Law Enforcement Crime Scenes 42. Preparing for a Search 43. Securing a Digital Incident or Crime Scene 44. Seizing Digital Evidence at the Scene 45. Storing Digital Evidence 46. Obtaining a Digital Hash 47. Reviewing a Case 48. Chapter Summary 49. Key Terms 50. Review Questions 51. Hands-On Projects 52. Case Projects 53. Chapter 5: Working with Windows and CLI Systems 54. Understanding File Systems 55. Exploring Microsoft File Structures 56. Examining NTFS Disks 57. Understanding Whole Disk Encryption 58. Understanding the Windows Registry 59. Understanding Microsoft Startup Tasks 60. Understanding Virtual Machines 61. Chapter Summary 62. Key Terms 63. Review Questions 64. Hands-On Projects 65. Case Projects 66. Chapter 6: Current Digital Forensics Tools 67. Evaluating Digital Forensics Tool Needs 68. Digital Forensics Software Tools 69. Digital Forensics Hardware Tools 70. Validating and Testing Forensics Software 71. Chapter Summary 72. Key Terms 73. Review Questions 74. Hands-On Projects 75. Case Projects 76. Chapter 7: Linux and Macintosh File Systems 77. Examining Linux File Structures 78. Understanding Macintosh File Structures 79. Using Linux Forensics Tools 80. Chapter Summary 81. Key Terms 82. Review Questions 83. Hands-On Projects 84. Case Projects 85. Chapter 8: Recovering Graphic Files 86. Recognizing a Graphics File 87. Understanding Data Compression 88. Identifying Unknown File Formats 89. Understanding Copyright Issues with Graphics 90. Chapter Summary 91. Key Terms 92. Review Questions 93. Hands-On Projects 94. Case Projects 95. Chapter 9: Digital Forensics Analysis and Validation 96. Determining What Data to Collect and Analyze 97. Validating Forensic Data 98. Addressing Data-Hiding Techniques 99. Chapter Summary 100. Key Terms 101. Review Questions 102. Hands-On Projects 103. Case Projects 104. Chapter 10: Virtual Machine Forensics, Live Aquisitions, and Network Forensics 105. An Overview of Virtual Machine Forensics 106. Performing Live Acquisitions 107. Network Forensics Overview 108. Chapter Summary 109. Key Terms 110. Review Questions 111. Hands-On Projects 112. Case Projects 113. Chapter 11: E-mail and Social Media Investigations 114. Exploring the Role of E-mail in Investigations 115. Exploring the Roles of the Client and Server in E-mail 116. Investigating E-mail Crimes and Violations 117. Understanding E-mail Servers 118. Using Specialized E-mail Forensics Tools 119. Applying Digital Forensics Methods to Social Media Communications 120. Chapter Summary 121. Key Terms 122. Review Questions 123. Hands-On Projects 124. Case Projects 125. Chapter 12: Mobile Device Forensics and the Internet of Anything 126. Understanding Mobile Device Forensics 127. Understanding Acquisition Procedures for Mobile Devices 128. Understanding Forensics in the Internet of Anything 129. Chapter Summary 130. Key Terms 131. Review Questions 132. Hands-On Projects 133. Case Projects 134. Chapter 13: Cloud Forensics 135. An Overview of Cloud Computing 136. Legal Challenges in Cloud Forensics 137. Technical Challenges in Cloud Forensics 138. Acquisitions in the Cloud 139. Conducting a Cloud Investigation 140. Tools for Cloud Forensics 141. Chapter Summary 142. Key Terms 143. Review Questions 144. Hands-On Projects 145. Case Projects 146. Chapter 14: Report Writing for High-Tech Investigations 147. Understanding the Importance of Reports 148. Guidelines for Writing Reports 149. Generating Report Findings with Forensics Software Tools 150. Chapter Summary 151. Key Terms 152. Review Questions 153. Hands-On Projects 154. Case Projects 155. Chapter 5: Expert Testimony in Digital Investigations 156. Preparing for Testimony 157. Testifying in Court 158. Preparing for a Deposition or Hearing 159. Preparing Forensics Evidence for Testimony 160. Chapter Summary 161. Key Terms 162. Review Questions 163. Hands-On Projects 164. Case Projects 165. Chapter 16: Ethics for the Expert Witness 166. Applying Ethics and Codes to Expert Witnesses 167. Organizations with Codes of Ethics 168. Ethical Difficulties in Expert Testimony 169. An Ethics Exercise 170. Chapter Summary 171. Key Terms 172. Review Questions 173. Hands-On Projects 174. Case Projects [Show More]

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