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DSE Questions and answers, 2022 Update, Graded A+. 100% proven pass rate

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DSE Questions and answers, 2022 Update, Graded A+. 100% proven pass rate T/F: Nifidepine causes gingival hyperplasia. - ✔✔True Large space between 11 and 12. What do you do? a. Mini impl... ant b. Do a bridge c. Leave it alone - ✔✔Leave it alone Papilloma on a tongue - ✔✔ How do you treat this? (Mucocele) - ✔✔Excise with salivary gland remnants What is the problem with resin bonded bridges? - ✔✔Debonding Hepatitis A/ Jaundice is fine to treat after - ✔✔1 week Allergic reaction to barbiturate on the lip. What do you give? - ✔✔Antihistamines (Benadryl) Picture of patient that didn't like the look of their canine and premolar, and asked what it was? - ✔✔Hypoplasia Facial erosion on teeth due to - ✔✔Aacidic bevarages Amelogenesis imperfecta Xray - ✔✔(Look up other examples too) [Picture of blue sclera] What other dental findings should you see? - ✔✔Dentinogenesis imperfecta Hyperthyroid symptoms are all except: 1. Exopthalmos 2. Tachycardia 3. Tremors of extremities 4. Fatigue - ✔✔4. Fatigue Minimum axial reduction for a crown is - ✔✔1.5mm Replacing #9 crown. Which measurement is correct? (weird question with weird wording) - ✔✔2mm What is the maximum amount of unsupported porcelain allowed? - ✔✔2mm T/F: Cyclosporine causes gingival hyperplasia - ✔✔True Most important treatment for ANUG is - ✔✔Debridement What is the treatment for gingival hyperplasia? - ✔✔Gingivectomy Patient presents with a liver clot. What is the treatment? - ✔✔Irrigate, apply pressure, reassess Would you rather overcontour or under contour the temporary crown to preserve gingival health - ✔✔Undercontour Picture of a patient with all crowns on upper and lower. What is wrong? - ✔✔Impingement on gums/gum health (Other choices were incorrect overjet/overbite, improper contour of crown) Patient has pain on swallowing when wearing their denture, why? - ✔✔Overextension of lingual flange Patient presents with space in between 3rd molar with class 2 mobility and premolar. What do you do to fix this? - ✔✔Implant Patient missing #2 and #3. #1 has class 3 mobility and furcation involvement. What would be the optimal treatment plan? - ✔✔Extract #1 and either implant for #3 or #2 and #3. If you cannot pick a color for a crown what do you chose? - ✔✔Something with lower shade saturation and less gray Worst place for implant is - ✔✔Maxillary posterior Best place for implant is - ✔✔Either mandibular posterior or anterior Best long term prognosis for an implant? - ✔✔Either mandibular posterior or anterior Worst cement for deep restoration? - ✔✔Zinc phosphate BW xray of a tooth with an amalgam and patient complained of pain when provoked by hot or cold. Why? - ✔✔Deep amalgam filling Leave perio pack in for how long? - ✔✔1 week Picture of an epulis fissuratum. How do you treat this before making a new denture? - ✔✔Excision. [Other answer choices: Apply tissue conditioner, leave lesion alone, prescribe antibiotics] Reason for perio flap? - ✔✔Access for instrumentation Maxillary tori in denture patient. What do you do before making a new denture? - ✔✔Remove it What does a major connector of a denture need? - ✔✔Rigidity According to OSHA you need to check the autoclave with what frequency? - ✔✔Weekly HIV ELISA test was negative for a person who had a needle stick. What does that mean? - ✔✔Patient has no Ab's present Ortho case- what was the most important thing they did in maxillary arch? - ✔✔Align the teeth for future restorative procedures (Not close upper and lower diastema) What pain reliever do you give to a patient who has kidney disease? - ✔✔Acetaminophen Picture of surveyor. Asked what we were looking at? - ✔✔Space for guideplane What is a major complication of Phlebitis? - ✔✔Pulmonary Embolism Patient complaining of space in between teeth after SRP. Why? - ✔✔Reduction in edema 1-2 mm of reduction in probing depth after performing SRP. What is the cause? - ✔✔Formation of long junctional epithelium If a patient has a shunt on the left arm where do you take BP? - ✔✔Right arm Picture of #10 and #11 lingual surface, what is wrong with the gingiva? - ✔✔Edema Space in between #29 and #30 in a very old patient with no #31 and #32 and barely occluding with #3. Why is this happening? - ✔✔No occlusion or mesial drifting premolars Surgical stent fits the gums but immediate denture doesn't fit. What do you do? - ✔✔Relieve until it seats Picture of the bottom of the tongue with multiple white lesions. Stated that the patient had complaint of sore gums and tongue, fever of 101 degrees. What is most likely diagnosis? - ✔✔Primary herpetic stomatitis Treatment of Primary herpetic stomatitis - ✔✔Palliative Patient with purple lesions on palate and said they had similar lesions on body too. What is most probable cause? - ✔✔HIV (Kaposi Sarcoma) Other answer choices: Sturge weber, erythema multiforme What disease will effect wearing complete dentures the most? - ✔✔Sjogren's Disease (xerostomia) Lesion in the mouth that heals with a scar? - ✔✔Major aphthous ulcer Picture with an arrow pointing to a soft tissue mass on FOM. This is the opening of - ✔✔Wharton's Duct (Submandibular Duct) Lichen planus is present on the tongue that was asymptomatic, asked what is the treatment? - ✔✔Corticosteroids (Would have picked "Nothing" but "Nothing" was not an option) Picture of white things on buccal mucosa, and asked what it was. - ✔✔Lichen planus (but it also looked like leukoedema, cheek biting, etc. and all were answer choices) Panoramic xray with radiopacity underneath the mandibular incisors, asked what was it? - ✔✔???? Supernumerary tooth (maybe odontoma) Gingival edema is caused by - ✔✔Anaerobes Post crown cementation sensitivity is due to - ✔✔Microleakage Before you line a complete denture you must first establish: - ✔✔Posterior occlusion Picture of patient's maxilla with a FPD and RPD attached to it. Asked how they are attached? - ✔✔Semiprecision attachment? Precision attachments are not good with patient with - ✔✔Low dexterity Patient on steroids. What do you need to know before dental treatment? - ✔✔Duration and dosage What is the most important thing for calculating medication dosage for child? - ✔✔Patient's weight Patient just had a stroke. What do you need to worry about? - ✔✔If they are on anticoagulants Contraindication for apically positioned flap is - ✔✔Esthetics Purpose of a wedge during a restoration is - ✔✔Adaptation of he matrix band CI for a patient with hyperthyroidism is - ✔✔Vasoconstrictions (Epinephrine) No hair and missing teeth? - ✔✔Ectodermal dysplasia ANEMIA! - ✔✔Read about pernicious anemia. Decrease in RBC when body can't absorb enough vitamin B12 Hemolytic, B12, and folate deficiency-- 2 questions Hereditary telangiectasia is associated with what? - ✔✔Iron deficiency anemia Gave normal ranges of patient's numbers for RBC, WBC, and platelets. What is wrong with this person? > high WBC count - ✔✔Leukemia (Pt also had sore lymph nodes, painful gums) What antibiotic can cause arm rash? - ✔✔Penicillin Patient was on penicillin for 2 weeks. His tongue is sore. What do you do? - ✔✔Fungal test (test for candida) Picture of a red painful tongue in an uncontrolled diabetic. What is it due to - ✔✔Malnutrition If there is a red and white mixed lesion, what do you biopsy? - ✔✔The red and white portions of the mixed lesion Multiple questions about eruption and looking at BW to see if its normal - ✔✔STUDY ERUPTION TIMES! Most likely reason that sealants fail - ✔✔Contamination There is an unconscious patient in your waiting room. What is the first thing you do? - ✔✔Check breathing (airway??) ID a mental ridge on radiograph - ✔✔ Radiopacity on a pan. What is it? - ✔✔Mucous retention cyst in the maxillary sinus Difference in anaphylaxis vs. Syncope - ✔✔Anaphylaxis has wheezing and bronchoconstriction Patient returns with pain 72 hours after extraction. What do you do? - ✔✔Give irrigation and use eugenol soaked gauze Extraction of tooth and patient comes back with a big infection. What is it? - ✔✔Subperiosteal abscess Picture of a patient with Down Syndrome. What do you need to be worried about as a dentist? - ✔✔Congenital heart disease When can you use tissue conditioner and soft reline on a complete denture patient? - ✔✔Anytime How long do you wait for a lab reline of immediate complete denture? - ✔✔6 months What is the reason for a try in for an immediate denture? - ✔✔VDO Picture of a patient with a very large diastema. What do you do? - ✔✔Leave it alone Radiolucency next to a premolar. What do you do? - ✔✔Refer to oral surgery Panoramic of Radiolucency at ramus. What do you do? - ✔✔Retake for diagnostic reasons or refer to oral surgery? Broken coronal portion of a canine. What do you do? - ✔✔Conservative endo and prepare post and core. Does acid etching create a chemical bond? - ✔✔NO Study Multiple odontoma!!! - ✔✔:) After a cleaning patient still has bleeding on probing. What is this due to? - ✔✔Retained subgingival plaque Swollen lesion on the tongue. What do you do next? - ✔✔Palpate lesion and see if it is firm. Picture of a lip with something on the corner of it. What is it? - ✔✔It was either SCC or syphilis. Other choices: Angular chelitis, herpes labialis Bone loss on #4, what is it? - ✔✔Crater defect GTR best for what kind of furcations? - ✔✔Class 2 furcation Reduction of probing depth after SRP but there is still mobility in anterior mandibular teeth. What do you do? - ✔✔GTR or periodic evaluation Study SLOB rule - ✔✔:) Patient has candida. What do you give them? - ✔✔Fluconazole (Clotrimazole?) Patient has something firm and benign. What is it? - ✔✔Identify the picture that is pleomorphic adenoma (usually a big swelling right next to the ear, could be on the palate too) Asymptomatic crowned lateral with a PA radiolucency, what do you do? - ✔✔RCT Mandibular incisor with large pulp chamber and PA RL. What is the large pulp chamber from? - ✔✔Trauma after eruption 2 months after RCT tooth still has RL. What do you do? - ✔✔Monitor 2 years after RCT tooth still has RL. What do you do? - ✔✔Retreat Tooth #14 had a RCT and patient is symptomatic with RL in one of the canals. How do you treat it? - ✔✔Retreat ALL canals Pregnant person afraid of needles. What do you do? - ✔✔Trendelenburg position Patient is 6 months pregnant and has bleeding gums and mobile teeth. How do you treat? - ✔✔Conservative debridement Pregnant lady with diastema in between #8 and #9 with deep probing depth and class 1 mobility on 8 and 9. What is the reason for the diastema? - ✔✔Chronic perio Post should not be greater than... - ✔✔1/3 diameter of root Picture with a lesion that was anterior to the earlobe and it was swollen, stated the stensons duct was also inflamed, what do you check first? - ✔✔Stimulate parotid and see if you get exudate Tongue sticking out with normal mucosa. What is it? - ✔✔Previous laceration When whitening teeth, what do you do? - ✔✔Wait for at least 5 days before you do restorative Appliance for ortho, what is it doing? - ✔✔Tipping Permanent dentition with tetracycline staining, when did this happen? - ✔✔Patient ingested tetracycline when they were between 0 and 5 years old. Picture of denture showing working side. - ✔✔Lateral movements were good You can increase working time of alginate by - ✔✔Adding water that is colder than room temperature Picture that asked what was wrong with the teeth: Severe caries - ✔✔Severe caries [Show More]

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