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Nursing Fundamentals Exam 1 Practice Test, Questions and answers, 100% predictor questions.

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Nursing Fundamentals Exam 1 Practice Test, Questions and answers, 100% predictor questions. A nurse is caring for a patient who recently had coronary bypass surgery. Which are legal sources of st... andards of care the nurse uses to deliver safe healthcare? (Select all that apply). [23] 1. Information provided by the head nurse 2. Policies and procedures of the employing hospital 3. State Nurse Practice Act 4. Regulations identified in the Joint Commission's manual. 5. The American Nurses Association standards of practice. - ✔✔2, 3, 4, 5 A nurse is sued for failure to monitor a patient appropriately after a procedure,. Which of the following statements are correct about this lawsuit? (Select all that apply) [23] 1. The nurse represents the plaintiff. 2. The defendant must prove injury, damage, or loss. 3. The person filing the lawsuit has the burden of proof. 4. The plaintiff must prove that a breach in the prevailing standard of care caused an injury. - ✔✔3, 4 A nurse stops to help in an emergency at at the scene of an accident. The injured party files a suit and the nurse's employing institution insurance does not cover the nurse. What would probably cover the nurse in this situation? [23] 1. The nurse's auto insurance 2. The nurse's homeowner's insurance 3. The Good Samaritan laws, which grant immunity from suit if there is no gross negligence. 4. The Patient Care Partnership, which may grant immunity from suit if the injured party contends. - ✔✔3 A nurse is planning care for a patient going to surgery. Who is responsible for informing the patient about the surgery along with the possible risks, complications, and benefits? [23] 1. Family member 2. Surgeon 3. Nurse 4. Nurse Manager - ✔✔2 A woman who is a Jehovah's Witness has severe, life-threatening injuries and is hemorrhaging following a car accident. The healthcare provider ordered 2 units of packed red blood cells to treat the woman's anemia. The woman's husband refuses to allow the nurse to give his wife the blood. What is the nurse's responsibility? [23] 1. Obtain a court order to give the blood 2. Coerce the husband into giving the blood 3. Call security and have the husband removed from the hospital 4. Abide by the husband's wishes and inform the healthcare provider - ✔✔4 The nurse notes that an advance directive is on a patient's medical record. Which statement represents the best description of an advance directive guideline the nurse will follow? [23] 1. A living will allows an appointed person to make health care decisions when the patient is in an incapacitated state. 2. A living will is invoked only when the patient has a terminal condition or is in a persistent vegetative state. 3. The patient can not make changes in the advance directive once admitted to the hospital. 4. A durable power of attorney for health care is invoked only when the patient has a terminal condition or is in a persistent vegetative state. - ✔✔2 A nurse notes that the health care unit keeps a listing of the patient names at the front desk in easy view for health care providers to more efficiently locate the patient. The nurse talks with the nursing manager because this action is a violoation of which act? [23] 1. Mental Health Parity Act 2. Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA) 3. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) 4. Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act - ✔✔3 Which of the following actions, if performed by a registered nurse, would result in both criminal and administrative law sanctions against the nurse? (Select all that apply.) [23] 1. Taking and selling controlled substances 2. Refusing to provide health care information to a patient's child 3. Reporting suspected abuse and neglect of children 4. Applying physical restraints without a written physician's order. - ✔✔1, 4 The nurse received a hand-off report at the change of shift in the conference room from the night shift nurse. The nursing student assigned to the nurse asks to review the medical records of the patients assigned to them. The nurse begins assessing the assigned patients and lists the nursing care information for each patient on each individual patient's message board in the patient rooms. The nurse also lists the patient's medical diagnoses on the message board. Later in the day, the nurse discusses the plan of care for a patient who is dying with the patient's family. Which of these actions describes a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)? [23] 1. Discussing the patient conditions in the nursing report room at the change of shift 2. Allowing nursing students to review patient charts before caring for patients to whom they are assigned 3. Posting medical information about the patient on a message board in the patient's room 4. Releasing patient information regarding terminal illness to family when the patient has given permission for information to be shared - ✔✔3 The patient has a fractured femur that is placed in skeletal traction with a fresh plaster cast applied. The patient experiences decreased sensation and a cold feeling in the toes of the affected leg. The nurse observes that the patient's toes have become pale and cold but forgets to document this because one of the nurse's other patient's experienced cardiac arrest at the same time. Two days later the patient in skeletal traction has an elevated temperature, and he is prepared for surgery to amputate the leg below the knee. Which of the following statements regarding a breach of duty apply to this situation? (Select all that apply). [23] 1. Failure to document a change in assessment data 2. Failure to provide discharge instructions 3. Failure to follow the six rights of medication administration 4. Failure to use proper medical equipment ordered for patient monitoring 5. Failure to notify a health care provider about a change in the patient's condition - ✔✔1, 5 A homeless man enters the emergency department seeking health care. The health care provider indicates that the patient needs to be transferred to the City Hospital for care. This action is most likely a violation of which of the following laws? [23] 1. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) 2. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 3. Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA) 4. Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) - ✔✔4 You are the night shift nurse and are caring for a newly admitted patient who appears confused. The family asks to see the patient's medical record. What is the first nursing action to take? [23] 1. Give the family the record 2. Give the patient the record 3. Discuss the issues that concern the family with them 4. Call the nursing supervisor - ✔✔3 A home health nurse notices significant bruising on the 2-year-old patient's head, arms, abdomen, and legs. The patient's mother describes the patient's frequent falls. What is the best nursing action for the home health nurse to take? [23] 1. Document her findings and treat the patient 2. Instruct the mother on safe handling of a 2-year-old child 3. Contact a child abuse hotline 4. Discuss this story with a colleague - ✔✔3 A new graduate nurse is being mentored by a more experienced nurse. They are discussing the ways nurses need to remain active professionally. Which of the statements below indicates the new graduate understands ways to remain involved professionally? (Select all that apply) [23] 1. "I am thinking about joining the health committee at my church." 2. "I need to read newspapers, watch news broadcasts, and search the Internet for information related to health." 3. "I will join nursing committees at the hospital after I have several years of experience and better understand the issues affecting nursing." 4. "Nurses do not have very much voice in legislation in Washington, D.C. because of the shortage of nurses." - ✔✔1, 2 You are floated to work on a nursing unit where you are given an assignment that is beyond your capability. What is the best nursing action to take first? [23] 1. Call the nursing supervisor to discuss the situation 2. Discuss the problem with a colleague 3. Leave the nursing unit and go home 4. Say nothing and begin your work - ✔✔1 The nurse is having difficulty reading a physician's order for a medication. He or she knows that the physician is very busy and does not like to be called. What is the most appropriate next step for the nurse to take? [31] 1. Call the pharmacist to interpret the order 2. Call the physician to have the order clarified 3. Consult the unit manager to help interpret the order 4. Ask the unit secretary to interpret the physician's handwriting - ✔✔2 The patient has an order for 2 tablespoons of Milk of Magnesia. How much medication does the nurse give him or her? [31] 1. 2 mL 2. 5 mL 3. 16 mL 4. 30 mL - ✔✔4 A nurse is administering eardrops to an 8-year-old patient with an ear infection. How does the nurse pull the patient's ear when administering the medication? [31] 1. Outward 2. Back 3. Upward and back 4. Upward and outward - ✔✔4 A patient is to receive cephalexin (Keflex) 500 mg PO. The pharmacy has sent 250-mg tablets. How many tablets does the nurse administer? [31] 1. 1/2 tablet 2. 1 tablet 3. 1 1/2 tablets 4. 2 tablets - ✔✔4 A nurse is administering medications to a 4-year-old patient. After he or she explains which medications are being given, the mother states, "I don't remember my child having that medication before." What is the nurse's next action? [31] 1. Give the medication 2. Identify the patient using two identifiers 3. Withhold the medications and verify the medication orders 4. Provide medication education to the mother to help her better understand her child's medications - ✔✔3 A patient is transitioning from the hospital to the home environment. A home care referral is obtained. What is a priority in relation to safe medication administration for the discharge nurse? [31] 1. Set up the follow-up appointments with the physician for the patient 2. Ensure that someone will provide housekeeping for the patient at home 3. Ensure that the home care agency is aware of medication and health teaching needs. 4. Make sure that the patient's family knows how to safely bathe him or her and provide mouth care. - ✔✔3 A nursing student takes a patient's antibiotic to his room. The patient asks the nursing student what it is and why he should take it. Which information does the nursing student include when replying to the patient? [31] 1. Only the patient's physician can give this information 2. The student provides the name of the medication and a description of its desired effect 3. Information about medications is confidential and cannot be shared 4. He has to speak with his assigned nurse about this - ✔✔2 The nurse is administering a sustained-release capsule to a new patient. The patient insists that he cannot swallow pills. What is the nurse's best course of action? [31] 1. Ask the prescriber to change the order 2. Crush the pill with a mortar and pestle 3. Hide the capsule in a piece of solid food 4. Open the capsule and sprinkle it over pudding - ✔✔1 The nurse takes a medication to a patient, and the patient tells him or her to take it way because she is not going to take it. What is the nurse's next action? [31] 1. Ask the patient's reason for refusal 2. Explain that she must take the medication 3. Take the medication away and chart the patient's refusal 4. Tell the patient that her physician knows what's best for her - ✔✔1 The nurse receives an order to start giving a loop diuretic to a patient to help lower his or her blood pressure. The nurse determines that the appropriate route for administering the diuretic according to: [31] 1. Hospital policy 2. The prescriber's orders 3. The type of medication ordered 4. The patient's size and muscle mass - ✔✔2 A patient is receiving an IV push medication. If the drug infiltrates into the outer tissues, the nurse: [31] 1. Continues to let the IV run 2. Applies a warm compress to the infiltrated site 3. Stops the administration of the medicine and follows agency policy 4. Should not worry about this because vesicant filtration is not a problem - ✔✔3 If a patient who is receiving IV fluids develops tenderness, warmth, erythema, and pain at the site, the nurse suspects: [31] 1. Sepsis 2. Phlebitis 3. Infiltration 4. Fluid overload - ✔✔2 After seeing a patient, the physician gives a nursing student a verbal order for a new medication. The nursing student first needs to: [31] 1. Follow ISMP guidelines for safe medication abbreviations 2. Explain to the physician that the order needs to be given to a registered nurse 3. Write the order on the patient's order sheet and read it back to the physician 4. Ensure that the six rights of medication administration are followed when giving the medication - ✔✔2 A nurse accidentally gives a patient a medication at the wrong time. The nurse's first priority is to: [31] 1. Complete an occurence report 2. Notify the healthcare provider 3. Inform the charge nurse of the error 4. Assess the patient for adverse effects - ✔✔4 A patient is taking albuterol through a pressurized metered-dose inhaler that contains a total of 200 puffs. The patient takes 2 puffs every 4 hours. How many days will the inhaler last? [31] _______ days. - ✔✔16 The nurse's first action after discovering an electrical fire in a patient's room is to: [27] 1. Activate the fire alarm 2. Confine the fire by closing all doors and windows 3. Remove all patients in immediate danger 4. Extinguish the fire by using the nearest fire extinguisher - ✔✔3 A parent calls the pediatrician's office frantic about the bottle of cleaner that her 2-year-old son drank. Which of the following is the most important instruction the nurse gives to this parent? [27] 1. Give the child milk 2. Give the child syrup of ipecac 3. Call the poison control center 4. Take the child to the emergency department - ✔✔3 The nursing assessment on a 78-year-old woman reveals shuffling gait, decreased balance, and instability. On the basis of the patient's data, which one of the following nursing diagnoses indicates an understanding of the assessment findings? [27] 1. Activity intolerance 2. Impaired bed mobility 3. Acute pain 4. Risk for falls - ✔✔4 A couple is with their adolescent daughter for a school physical and state they are worries about all the saftey risks affecting this age. What is the greatest risk for injury to an adolescent? [27] 1. Home accidents 2. Physiological changes of aging 3. Poisoning and child abduction 4. Automobile accidents, suicide, and substance abuse - ✔✔4 The nurse found a 68-year-old female patient wandering in the hall. The patient says she is looking for the bathroom. Which interventions are appropriate to ensure the safety of the patient? (Select all that apply) [27] 1. Insert a urinary catheter 2. Leave a night light on in the bathroom 3. Ask the physician to order a restraint 4. Keep the bed in low position with upper and lower side rails up 5. Assign a staff member to stay with the patient 6. Provide scheduled toileting during the night shift 7. Keep the pathway from the bed to the bathroom clear - ✔✔2, 6, 7 The family of a patient who is confused and ambulatory insist that all four side rails be up when the patient is alone. What is the best action to take in this situation? (Select all that apply) [27] 1. Contact the nursing supervisor 2. Restrict the family member's visiting privileges 3. Ask the family to stay with the patient if possible 4. Inform the family of the risks associated with side-rail use 5. Thank the family for being conscientious and put the four rails up 6. Discuss alternatives with the family that are appropriate for this patient - ✔✔3, 4, 6 A physician writes an order to apply a wrist restraint to a patient who has been pulling out a surgical wound drain. Place the following steps for applying the restraint in the correct order. [27] 1. Explain what you plan to do 2. Wrap a limb restraint around a wrist or ankle with soft part toward skin and secure 3. Determine that restraint alternatives fail to ensure the patient's safety 4. Identify the patient using proper identifier 5. Pad the patient's wrist - ✔✔3, 4, 1, 5, 2 A child in the hospital starts to have a grand mal seizure while playing in the playroom. What is your most important nursing intervention during this situation? [27] 1. Begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation 2. Restrain the child to prevent injury 3. Place a tongue blade over the tongue to prevent aspiration 4. Clear the area around the child to protect the child from injury - ✔✔4 A 62-year-old woman is being discharged home with her husband after surgery for a hip fracture from a fall at home. When providing discharge teaching about home safety to this patient and her husband, the nurse knows that: [27] 1. A safe environment promotes patient activity 2. Assessment focuses on environmental factors only 3. Teaching home safety is a difficult to do in the hospital setting 4. Most accidents in the older adult are caused by lifestyle factors - ✔✔1 The nursing assessment of an 80-year-old patient who demonstrates some confusion but no anxiety reveals that the patient is a fall risk because she continues to get out of bed without help despite frequent reminders. The initial nursing intervention to prevent falls for this patient is to: [27] 1. Place a bed alarm device on the bed 2. Place the patient in a belt restraint 3. Provide one-on-one observation of the patient 4. Apply wrist restraints - ✔✔1 To ensure the safe use of oxygen in the home by a patient, which of the following teaching points does the nurse include? (Select all that apply) [27] 1. Smoking is prohibited around oxygen 2. Demonstrate how to adjust the oxygen flow rate based on patient symptoms 3. Do not use electrical equipment around oxygen 4. Special precautions may be required when traveling with oxygen - ✔✔1, 3, 4 How does the nurse support a culture of safety? (Select all that apply) [27] 1. Completing incident reports when appropriate 2. Completing incident reports for a near miss 3. Communicating product concerns to an immediate supervisor 4. Identifying the person responsible for an incident - ✔✔1, 2, 3 You are admitting Mr. Jones, a 64-year-old patient who had a right hemisphere stroke and a recent fall. The wife stated that he has a history of high blood pressure, which is controlled by an antihypertensive and a diuretic. Currently he exhibits left-sided neglect and problems with spatial and perceptual abilities and is impulsive. He has moderate left-sided weakness that requires the assistance of two and the use of a gait belt to transfer to a chair. He currently has an IV line and a urinary catheter in place. What factors increase his fall risk at this time? (Select all that apply) [27] 1. Smokes a pack a day 2. Used a cane to walk at home 3. Takes antihypertensives and diuretics 4. History of recent fall 5. Neglect, spatial and perceptual abilities, impulsive 6. Requires assistance with activity, unsteady gait 7. IV line, urinary catheter - ✔✔3, 4, 5, 6, 7 At 3am the emergency department nurse hears that a tornado hit the east side of town. What action does the nurse take first? [27] 1. Prepare for an influx of patients 2. Contact the American Red Cross 3. Determine how to restore essential services 4. Evacuate patients per the disaster plan - ✔✔1 If an infectious disease can be transmitted directly from one person to another, it is a: [28] 1. Susceptible host 2. Communicable disease 3. Port of entry to a host 4. Port of exit from the reservior - ✔✔2 Which is the most likely means of transmitting infection between patients? [28] 1. Exposure to another patient's cough 2. Sharing equipment between patients 3. Disposing of soiled linen in a shared linen bag 4. Contact with a health care worker's hands - ✔✔4 Identify the interval when a patient progresses from nonspecific signs to manifesting signs and symptoms specific to a type of infection. [28] 1. Illness stage 2. Convalescence 3. Prodromal stage [Show More]

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