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ATI Medisurgical Nursing Care of Children Proctored Exam 2020

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ATI Nursing Care of Children Proctored Exam (CHECK THE LAST PAGE FOR MULTIPLE VERSIONS OF THE EXAM AND OTHER ATI EXAMS) A nurse is providing discharge teaching to the guardians of a toddler who ha... d lower leg cast applied 24 hr ago. The nurse should instruct the guardians to report which of the following finding to the provider? Capillary refill time less than 2 seconds Restricted ability to move the toes Swelling of the casted foot when the leg is dependent Pedal pulse +3 bilateral A nurse in an emergency department is auscultating the lungs of an adolescent who is experiencing dyspnea. The nurse should identify the sound as which of the following? Wheezes Crackles Pleural friction rub Rhonchi A nurse is caring for a preschooler who has congestive heart failure. The nurse observes wide QRS complexes and peaked T waves on the cardiac monitor. Which of the following prescriptions should the nurse clarify with the provider? Furosemide Captopril Regular insulin Potassium chloride [Show More]

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