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MUS 354 Exam 2 (Latest Questions With All Answers)

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One '65 Paul R&R song, in the tradition of classic R&B, became the B side of "Help!" and was covered for a '69 MGM demo by Aerosmith. It is... "Help!" "I'm Down" "Day Tripper" "We Can Work it Out... " "Baby's in Black" 2 George Harrison uses a _______________ to create the sustained electric guitar sound herd on this recording. wah wah pedal volume or tone pedal distortion pedal phase shifter digital delay 3 This John psychedelic song was inspired by his meeting with Peter Fonda at a party, and features a meter change at the middle section and lyrics related to birth, middle age and death. It is... "She Said She Said" "Eleanor Rigby" "Taxman" "Here, There and Everywhere" "Day Tripper" 4 John's lyrics are somewhat autobiographical and introspective on this '65 song that features brilliant harmonies throughout and lyrics that offer help to the forlorn listener. It is... "You're Going to Lose that Girl" "I'm Looking Through You" "Drive My Car" "Run For Your Life" "Nowhere Man" 5 This much sought after rarity, covered by Little Willie John, features great R&R vocals by John and is now available on Anthology 1. It is... "If You've Got Trouble" "If I Fell" "I Feel Fine" "Leave My Kitten Alone" "Help!" [Show More]

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