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MUS 354 Exam 1 (Questions With All Correct Answers)

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One of the Beatles spent much of his time in the hospital as a child, spending two months in a coma at age six, and suffering from pleurisy at age thirteen. He is... Paul McCartney Ringo Starr Geo... rge Harrison John Lennon Pete Best 2 This song was originally recorded by the female Motown group... Miracles Supremes Marvellettes Vandellas Pacemakers 3 Unfortunately, in 1976, the Beatles suffered a personal loss when... Pete Best died in a fiery plane crash assistant Mal Evans was shot and killed by Los Angeles police Stu Sutcliffe committed suicide in Germany Brian Epstein overdosed on prescription drugs assistant Neil Aspinall was killed in prison while serving time for extortion 4 Who was the likely composer of this first Beatles recording? Chuck Berry Buddy Holly Lennon and McCartney Leiber and Stoller Mitch Murray This study source was downloaded by 100000808701186 from on 08-24-2022 09:33:57 GMT -05:00 5 From 1966-68, Phase 3 of the Beatles' career occurred, featuring... individual styles emerging and their final recordings formative years and the early songwriting of John and Paul Psychedelic music and studio concept albums solo careers as leaders of their own bands successful Pop songs, early films, and first U.S. visit 6 In January of '62, the Beatles recorded a 22-song demo tape at ______________, though that record company did not sign the band. EMI Capitol Decca Sony RCA 7 One of many early Lennon and McCartney pop songs from the Decca audition tape featured "Rhythm changes" (chords from the song "I Got Rhythm") and Paul on lead vocals. It is... "Three Cool Cats" "You'll Be Mine" "Misery" "That'll Be the Day" "Like Dreamers Do" 8 Live from the 2/64 Ed Sullivan television show, Paul sings lead on his song _____________. "From Me to You" "All My Loving" "Twist and Shout" "There's a Place" "Misery" [Show More]

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