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Cardiology fisdap 1. 64 yo states “I am about to die” NTG/O2 did not decrease chest pain, BP 90/66, P60, R24 a. transport immediately 2. Largest artery a. Aorta 3. Struck by lightning a. ir... regular heartbeat 4. Oriented 78 yo, Female with pale, moist skin complaints of indigestion, BP 80/40, P116 irregular, R 24 regular a. MI 5. 73 yo Female, chest pain and shortness of breath , bilateral crackles, BP 80/40, P112 R 22 a. Cardiogenic shock b. P. 501 6. 49 yo male, history of heart problems, has chest pressure, shortness of breath. Assist in taking prescribed NTG if he: a. headache BP132/90 7. Child in cardiac arrest with unknown downtime a. CPR & AED 8. When do coronary arteries fill with blood? a. Diastole 9. Vessels that supply myocardium a. coronary artery b. p. 631 10. Sudden onset of tearing chest pain, absent radial pulse on right arm, history of high blood pressure a. aortic dissection b. P. 642-643 [Show More]

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Best FISDAP questions and answers .All what is needed .Well explained answers ande appropriate references

Best FISDAP questions and answers .All what is needed .Well explained answers ande appropriate references

By Dr Medina Reed 1 year ago



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