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What record controls details within activities like the tabs in Chart Review, or the default report in Snapshot? - ANSWER Profiles If you wanted to know the record name of the Snapshot report, how ... could you find that out? - ANSWER Go to Session Information Report and click the link to Enable Report and Print Group IDs Is the Plan activity a report-based or navigator-based activity? - ANSWER Navigator-based activity How could you see the names of the records if you want to duplicate or modify the Plan activity? - ANSWER CTRL + ALT + SHIFT, F12, F10 What type of record changes a workspace based on context? - ANSWER Workflow Engine Rule Where do you link a Workflow Engine Rule? - ANSWER Profile Access to functionality - ANSWER Security Points Groups of points that grant access to similar functionality - ANSWER Security Types Groups of points of a certain type that you build and give to users - ANSWER Security Classes What is Epic's database management system called? - ANSWER Chronicles True or False: You can use Record Viewer to edit data in a record. - ANSWER False: Record Viewer only allows you to view data. When you document on the patient as a clinician, what is the data you are entering called? - ANSWER Value A report is a collection of individual... - ANSWER Print Groups What activity should an end user use to view the names and ID numbers of print groups in Hyperspace? - ANSWER Session Information Report True or False: Builders in charge of editing master file records can only do so in text. - ANSWER TRUE How can you quickly exit a record from any screen? - ANSWER Shift + F7 How do you see help text information in a text session? - ANSWER Shift + F5 True or False: Any profile record can be linked at any level in the hierarchy. - ANSWER TRUE True or False: The profile controls access to activities in Hyperspace. - ANSWER False. The profile controls the options available within activities. A user logs in and is affected by two profiles: a department level and a System Definitions level. When the two have competing values, which values override which? - ANSWER Department overrides System level What is the maximum number of profiles that can contribute to a compiled profile? - ANSWER 6 True or False: To create a navigator, you work in the following master files: Section (SEC), Topic (TPC), and Template (TMP). - ANSWER False. (LVN) Fill in the blank: A navigator topic record contains navigator __________ records - ANSWER Section True or False: A navigator template record can link to more than one topic record. - ANSWER TRUE If you type a caption of 'Charting' into a navigator topic record, who will see that in Hyperspace, and in what place will they see it? - ANSWER It is what the end user sees as the display text in the table of contents for the navigator In which record do you link a Workflow Engine rule? - ANSWER Profile How does the system know which Workflow Engine rule to use - ANSWER The Workflow Engine rule linked to the most specific level in the profile hierarchy is the rule that will be consulted. True or False. If the patient encounter does not match conditions in a Workflow Engine rule, the system looks for a rule in the next level of the profile hierarchy. - ANSWER False. Settings found in the role and compiled profile for the patient encounter will be used. The system will not look for additional Workflow Engine rules at other levels in the profile hierarchy. True or False. Once a rule matches on conditions and carries out directives, the system always keeps looking for more conditions to evaluate. - ANSWER False. The system will only continue evaluating the rule if the first set of directives specifies "continue afterwards". What function does security perform in Epic? - ANSWER Security controls access to functionality‐ what a user is or is not allowed to do in the system. Explain the difference between a security class and a security point - ANSWER A security point grants access to a single piece of functionality; it's like a key. A security class is a collection of security points, like a key ring. Users are assigned a security class. What security types does every user need? Choose all that apply. - ANSWER In Basket, Reporting Workbench, and Shared Which type of security controls access to hospital functionality, like the MAR and Flowsheets? - ANSWER Inpatient Who or what needs a user record? - ANSWER Everyone that logs in to Epic Which of the following is a setting made in an individual user record which cannot be set with user templates? Choose all that apply. - ANSWER Default login department, Link to user template, ID/password Give an example of someone who would need a provider record but NOT a user record. Explain why. - ANSWER A physician in your community who gets referrals from your physicians, but who does not have access to log in to your Epic system Why do MRI machines and classrooms need to have records in the Provider master file? - ANSWER They need to be scheduled resources True or False: In the provider record, you can link to the corresponding user record or a user template. - ANSWER False. The linking is established in the user record. Multiple users may not be linked to the same provider record. What function does the role record perform in Epic? - ANSWER A role record determines the layout and ground rules of Hyperspace. Which of the following settings are controlled by the role record? Choose all that apply. - ANSWER Default startup activities, Maximum number of workspaces, Automatic timeout settings Explain the difference between role and security. - ANSWER Security determines a user's access to functionality. Role determines where the user goes in Hyperspace to access that functionality. Which of the following are required to access a list in the Category List Maintenance activity? - ANSWER You need the INI and item number. Your organization has a category list in your production environment with values that are no longer used. Does Epic recommend deleting or deactivating those values? - ANSWER Deactivate values in a production environment. Deleting values in a production environment will erase any historical use of that value. In Category List Maintenance activity, the message: "Release Range: All Categories" means the catrgory list is Epic controlled system list and is uneditable. - ANSWER TRUE [Show More]

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