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Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana - ANATOMY 102 Kidney Dissection Lab Report 1. This Scored 100%.

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Kidney Dissection Lab Report Name: Cori Catron 1. Would you think the kidneys are highly vascularized? Why or why not? (2 points) 2. Identify the structures in the diagram. (2 points) 1. minor... calyx 2. major calyx 3. renal arteries and veins 4. ureter 5. renal capsule 6. renal cortex 7. renal medula 8. renal pyramid 3. What is the function of the adrenal glands? (1 point) 4. Explain, in detail, the three steps in the process by which urine is made. (3 points) 5. Inset a photo of yourself doing your dissection. (2 points) 6. Save the document with your name in the file name and upload the document into Blackboard. [Show More]

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