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Mustache - Which of the following would be appropriate for this passage? *Mustaches and Modern Technology - Which of the following statements best describes the topic of the passage? *Mustaches ar... e constant through different times - Which of the following statements can be inferred “However it is in the last several centuries that mustaches have undergone a more creative transformation” *People are now more creative then ancient times - Which of the following statements can be inferred from the final paragraph? *Different mustaches can evoke interpretations - Which information does author support claim of mustache influenced other creations? *The invention of the mustache cup - Which source would someone consult to learn about mustache styles that were popular in 1920’s? A magazine article Frankenstein - Which of the following information from the passage next supports the author’s argument that Frankenstein is not a work of science? The story contains elements of Gothic horror - Which of the following is the authors purpose for writing the passage? To identify Frankenstein as a gothic horror - What would be a good theme? Radioactive Alligator KIlled him Diego - Which of the following items does Diego rule out as being impervious weakness? Infection - Which of the following emotions can be inferred Diego is feeling at the end? Fear - What would be appropriate title for passage? Knowing Evil - Which reflects Diegos opinion? The supervillains cant win - Which years is most likely the setting? 1980 Which of the statements best supports Diegos opinion that his brother was killed by a supervillain? Javier Had never been sick Magician Harry Houdini - What is a synonym for “defrauding”? Deceiving [Show More]

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