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NREMT Practice Exam Questions with Accurate answers. Latest version/ Graded A+

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The umbilical cord is wrapped tightly around the baby's neck and you have tried unsuccessfully to slip the cord over the head. What should your next course of action be? A. Push the baby's head int... o the vagina until the cord comes loose B. Clamp the cord in two places and cut it in the middle C. Support the head and suction the baby's nose and mouth D. Massage the uterus to stimulate harder contractions to free the baby - ✔✔Clamp the cord in two places and cut it in the middle You arrive on scene with your partner to a restaurant where a man was reported to be choking. You enter and find an unconscious cyanotic male on the floor. He is supine with BBQ sauce on his mouth and napkins in his hand. What would you do for this patient? A. Verify apnea, give two slow breaths with high flow O2, and administer back thrusts until the object has been removed B. Ask the bystanders what happened. Verify no pulse, and attach the AED. Tell everyone to stand back, and hit analyze following the prompts C. Administer abdominal thrusts, followed by a finger sweep and then administer high flow O2. Monitor patient while transporting D. Head tilt, chin lift, verify apnea and begin compressions. Upon completion of compressions, give two slow breaths looking for chest rise and fall - ✔✔Head tilt, chin lift, verify apnea, and begin compressions. Upon completion of compressions give two slow breaths looking for the chest to rise and fall A 73 year old female was in her backyard gardening when she collapsed to the ground. Her husband told 911 that "she is breathing very fast and will not talk to me." You arrive to find the woman lying on her side in the grass. She is breathing at 7 breaths per minute and her pulse is irregular and very thready. Her lungs also present with crackles upon auscultation. As you are taking blood pressure (88/66) the husband tell you that the woman has been having jaw pain and some weakness for 3 days. What is the most likely cause of the woman's condition and how would you treat her? A. Hypoperfusion, High flow O2, and transportation into Fowler's position B. Cardiac arrest, treat for shock, and rapid transport C. Cardiogenic shock, assist ventilations, and transport D. Septic shock, transport into a position of comfort with high flow O2 via NRB - ✔✔Cardiogenic shock, assist ventilations, and transport One pupil is dilated and the other is constricted would suggest what type of injury? A. Cervical B. Cerebral C. Crovasic D. Cellular - ✔✔Cerebral A Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) will usually stop after: A. 30-60 minutes B. 1-2 days C. Proper intervention D. 10-15 minutes - ✔✔10-15 minutes Signs and symptoms of Cushing' phenomenon include all of the following except: A. Hypertension B. Tachycardia C. Biot respirations D. Central neurogenic hyperventilation - ✔✔Tachycardia Which of the following choices is a normal systolic blood pressure in a child? A. Less than 80 mm Hg B. 70 mm Hg C. Greater than 70 mm Hg D. Greater than 120 mm Hg - ✔✔Greater than 70 mm Hg You are assessing an 84 year old man. Upon auscultation of the lungs you discover crackles or race sounds. He is complaining of chest pain and congestion. These signs and symptoms can indicate what? A. An embolism B. Collapse of the vena cava C. Right ventricular failure D. Left ventricular failure - ✔✔Left ventricular failure An EMT may be charged with abandonment if they? A. Don't rescue a patient in a burning building B. Do something to a patient that results in injury to the patient C. Leave a patient without the patient's consent and without equal or higher level care D. Leave a patient who is triaged green to assist a patient who is triaged red - ✔✔Leave a patient without the patient's consent and without equal or higher level care You have just arrived on scene of a single vehicle accident involving a truck that has slid off the road and rolled. Your patient was driving about 40 mph when he hit an icy spot and went off the road rolling the vehicle one time. After completing your scene size up, which of the following treatment choices would be the most appropriate? A. Check baseline vitals, do a focused exam on the patient's chief complaint B. Perform a detailed physical examination to uncover any life threatening injuries C. Get a SAMPLE history and do a focused physical examination D. Perform a rapid trauma assessment - ✔✔Perform a rapid trauma assessment A man had both legs burned on the front and back, along with the fronts of both arms. Approximately what percentage of his body was burned? A. 36% B. 45% C. 50% D. 54% - ✔✔45 percent It's 7:30 AM and you arrive on scene of a two car collision involving atleast 6 patients on a foggy corner of a fairly busy country road. The fire department is not there yet and there is smoke and flames showing from both cars. You can hear people crying and cars are already driving around the wreckage to get past the scene. What steps should you take? A. Begin extrication of the patients while your partner calls for more ambulances B. Get the fire department en route, establish a safety sone and assist in keeping traffic a safe distance away C. Traige the most critically injured first and the extricate them in order of severity D. Inform the patients that you are not allowed by law to enter the zone until it is made safe by law enforcement - ✔✔Get the fire department en route, establish a safety zone and assist in keeping traffic a safe distance away Why does Nitroglycerin lower the blood pressure? A. Because it reduces the workload on the veins B. Because it dilates the vessels reducing the preload on the heart C. Because the veins are constricted reducing workload on the heart D. It doesn't, it raises it - ✔✔Because it dilates the vessels reducing the preload on the heart You arrive on scene with your partner Levi to transport a patient that has been throwing up blood that looked like coffee grounds. This sign would lead you to believe that patient has what? A. Esophageal Veracies B. GI bleed C. Pancytopenia D. Hemophagocytic syndrome - ✔✔GI bleed You are called to the home of a 91 year old man who has had a syncopal episode and is vomiting. The caregiver who called 911 stated that the patient's bowel movements have been bright red since yesterday. The patient has not complained of any pain, but is nauseated. What is most likely wrong with this man and which choice includes appropriate treatment steps? [Show More]

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