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CCSA R80.10 - Chapter 1&2 Test | 100 Questions with 100% Correct Answers

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Which components can store logs on the Check Point Secure Management Architecture? - ✔✔Security Management Server and Security Gateway What SIC uses for encryption On R71 Security Gateways and a... bove? - ✔✔AES128 The Gaia command that turns the computer off? - ✔✔halt What Check Point technologies deny or permit network traffic? - ✔✔Packet filtering, stateful inspection, application level firewalls aka blades The advantages of Check Point Security Architectures? - ✔✔These entities are configured, managed, and monitored through a single management console which provides the flexibility needed for organizations of all shapes and sizes to manage and secure their network Which type of attack can a firewall NOT prevent? - ✔✔Threat emulation (zero day) attacks - too new no definition or defenses, yet. Which technology extracts detailed information from packets and stores that information in state tables? - ✔✔Inspect engine. Monitors connection state for trustworthiness, generates dynamic state tables. The three authentication methods for SIC? - ✔✔Certificates, Standards-based TLS for the creation of secure channels, 3DES or AES128 for encryption At what point the Internal Certificate Authority is created? - ✔✔The ICA is created during the primary Security Management Server installation process. It is responsible for issuing the SIC, VPN, and User certificates. What Check Point tool is used to automatically update Check Point products for the Gaia OS? [Show More]

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