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RD Exam Practice Test 1 (CDR) | 132 Questions with 100% Correct Answers | 37 Pages

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Which of the following techniques offers the least constructive information to someone being disciplined? Providing advice Focusing on behavior Providing alternatives Focusing on observations - �... ��✔The correct answer is A. The purpose of disciplining is for a manager to provide constructive information to help the subordinate become aware of how his or her actions affect the organization's system. The goal is to provide maximum information with minimum threat. Providing advice is not constructive. Feedback should focus on ideas and information, not advice. Which of the following is NOT a component of meta-analysis? Inclusion criteria are clearly defined Peer-reviewed data are preferred Studies must have a similar design Data are presented in a narrative manner - ✔✔The correct answer is D. Meta-analysis uses studies with similar design, defines inclusion criteria, and usually uses peer-reviewed articles. There is no criterion or requirement that data have to be presented in a narrative manner. What elements comprise the marketing mix? Product, price, promotion, and place Price, product, popularity, and process Product, promotion, position, and popularity [Show More]

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