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CCBMA CLINICAL EXAM SAMPLE TEST | 115 Questions with 100% Correct Answers

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The best method of preventing transmission of disease is a. handwashing b. rubber gloves c. chlorhexidine d. betadine - ✔✔a. handwashing The artery normally used for taking a pulse reading is... the a. carotid b. radial c. femoral d. ulnar - ✔✔b. radial An instrument used to examine the ears a. ophthalmoscope b. speculum c. sigmoidoscope d. otoscope - ✔✔d. otoscope Social history includes the a. chief complaint b. martial status c. previous surgery d. prognosis - ✔✔b. martial status Which of the following occurs as a urine specimen remains on the counter for a long time? a. pH becomes acidic b. bacteria multiply c. glycouria begins d. urine remains constant - ✔✔b. bacteria multiply A Holter monitor measures heart a. capacity b. strength c. rhythm d. pressure - ✔✔c. rhythm The nerve most apt to be affected during an injection in the buttocks is the a. sacral b. sciatic c. brachial d. femoral - ✔✔b. sciaticAn injection into a fatty tissue lying immediately under the skin is called [Show More]

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