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Random CMCA Practice Test Questions | 90 Questions with 100% Correct Answers

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Which of the following is a common management control for ensuring maintenance work is performed in a timely manner? A. A purchase order system B. An equipment warranties C. A work order/response ... form D. A contractor's invoice - ✔✔C. A work order/response form - A, B, and D speak to elements OTHER than a control to ensure maintenance work is completed. The primary management control tool for identifying whether the association needs to maintain a particular property element is: A. Physical inspections B. Association bylaws C. Maintenance responsibility chart D. Community asset inventory - ✔✔C. Maintenance responsibility chart along, with the governing documents, defines parameters of association maintenance responsibility. The other answers have no bearing on necessity of maintenance or maintenance responsibility. In what type of a contract would a waiver of lien by recommended? A. Repair of the HVAC system B. Re-roofing the buildings C. Repair of the pool pump D. Annual tree pruning - ✔✔B. Re-roofing the buildings - Large contracts involving significant material purchase and/or use of sub-contractors commonly include lien waivers and should be recommended to the board. A, C, and D typically do not include significant material purchases or the use of subcontractors so a waiver of lien is not necessary. What does "Co-Insurance" obligate the Association to do? A. Pay the deductible B. Maintain certain limits of insurance C. Cover the depreciated value of all association buildings D. Provide insurance for homeowners [Show More]

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