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ACQ Exam 1 Questions and answers. 100% Proven pass rate. Latest Version.

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What is the last activity in the Life Cylcle process - ☑☑Disposal What are the responsibilities of the DACM - ☑☑1. Establish and monitor training requirements and DAWIA compliance 2. Certif... ies Dawia standards have been met What are the 3 Risk factors - ☑☑Cost, Performance, Schedule What is required for an Acquisition - ☑☑An Approved need Systems Engineering is responsible for - ☑☑integration throughout the entire life cycle What is the GOV role in systems engineering - ☑☑manage the total program meet user needs translate operational need into a system performance specification When can technology be introduced into the life cycle - ☑☑At any point Is a critical Acquisition position higher or lower on the pay grade - ☑☑Higher When does the JCIDS process occur - ☑☑Before the acquisition process What are the 3 steps to JCIDS methodology - ☑☑Capabilities based assessment document of capability needs review validation and approval When is the Capabilities production Document (CPD) made - ☑☑in the engineering and manufacturing development phase for use at milestone C Whos is responsible for the budgeting phase of PPBE - ☑☑The Comptroller Whos is responsible for the planning phase of PPBE - ☑☑UnderSecDefense ACAT ID - ☑☑Review by defense Aqc Board (DAB) R@D >365m Pdn>2.19b Chair USD ACAT IC and II - ☑☑Army System Acq requirements council (ASARC) R@D >140m Pdn>660m Chair ASALT ACAT III - ☑☑IPR chair PEO What doc establishes thresholds of ACAT - ☑☑DODI 5000.02 ACAT level enables identification of - ☑☑Type of system level of management applicable program reporting requirements Who is the milestone authority for CAT ID - ☑☑USD ATL how many phases in the life cycle model - ☑☑5 which phase is LRIP in - ☑☑4 production and deployment what are 2 reasons to initiate new technology - ☑☑Take advantage of new technology react to an actual or potential threat Integrated Product and Process Development Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD) is - ☑☑is a management approach that integrates all activities from product concept through production/deployment and support (Womb to Tomb) (IPPD)Utilizes multifunctional teams to optimize: - ☑☑Product Design Manufacturing Business Processes Sustainment Processes IPPD Benefits - ☑☑Reduced product delivery time Reduced product cost Reduced risk Improved quality Improved response to customer needs Program IPTs focus on - ☑☑the day to day tasks Effective Team Member Characteristics - ☑☑.Support the team leader and other team members. .Provide functional area expertise. .Accept accountability for the IPT's performance (Dragon Lady). .Openly share information and ideas. .Understand individual roles and responsibilities. .Utilize effective communication techniques. .LISTEN to understand others' points of view .Attend and arrive on time for team meetings. (BE PRESENT) .Come to team meetings prepared. .Complete assignments on time. .Do not automatically defer to the team leader, but rather, push for open discussion of issues and topics. .Help one another. .Trust one another Stages of Team Development - ☑☑Forming Storming Norming Performing Adjourning (or Transforming) Robust Systems Engineering is - ☑☑interdisciplinary engineering management process that evolves and verifies an integrated, life-cycle balanced set of system solutions that satisfy customer needs. *Is tolerant of end product failure points and/or operating conditions *Employs modular architectures with open system standards *Encompasses design and process flexibility System Engineering Process - ☑☑8 and 8 slide 12 set 2020 System Engineering Challenges - ☑☑*Complexity of DoD systems, which continues to grow at an increasing rate over time. *Workforce turbulence *Low technical management investment Non-Developmental Item (NDI) - ☑☑NDIs are any previously developed items regardless of the source of development and used exclusively for governmental purposes by federal, state, local, or allied governments [Show More]

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