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The independent variable is the one things that is__________.It is graphed on the__________. - ✔✔Tested in an experiment X-axis the dependent variable is the things that__________. It is the___... _______. It is graphed on the__________. - ✔✔changes because of the independent variable data collected Y-axis The control group is the group that is __________. - ✔✔studied under normal conditions. The experimental group is the group that is identical to the control group with__________. - ✔✔one change or difference (the independent variable) Make en experiment more valid by__________. - ✔✔Repeating the experiment or increasing the number of specimen. To calculate total magnification__________. - ✔✔multiply the magnification of the eyepiece by objective lens. Increasing the magnification__________. - ✔✔reduces the size of the field of view and reduced the amount of light. Under low power focus with the__________. Under high power focus__________. - ✔✔coarse and fine adjustment knobs. only with the fine adjustment knobs. The diaphragm__________. - ✔✔adjusts the amount of light. Under the microscope images appear__________. - ✔✔upside down and backwards. To make a wet mount slide: Put the cells on the center of the slide, put a drop of__________. Lower a cover slip slowly__________. - ✔✔water onto the cells. at an angle to reuse the number of air bubbles. A wet-mount slide is stained in order to__________. - ✔✔make cell structures more visible. [Show More]

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