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ScribeAmerica Final Exam Questions and Answers Already Passed Which of the following would belong in a psychiatric exam? ✔✔Affect Certain words or phrases act as "red flags" to grab your provid... er's attention to let them know that a patient may require timely and comprehensive medical action. Which of the following words or phrases are NOT considered "red flags"? ✔✔nocturia in a 65 year old male What does LBBB stand for? ✔✔Left Bundle Branch Block What does URI stand for? ✔✔Upper Respiratory Infection What does IDDM stand for? ✔✔Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus What term describes "the patient destination is home?" ✔✔Discharged If a patient signs a waiver giving you permission to capture photo of their unique rash, would you be committing a HIPAA violation by using your cellphone to capture the photo? ✔✔Yes because the phone is not an approved hospital device and it is not encrypted. An ED technician informs the provider that they have just finished applying a splint and sling for the patient with the wrist fracture. What PE finding is important for your provider to assess and include in the procedure note before the patient can be discharged home? ✔✔CSMT What condition correctly describes "A vascular change that temporarily deprives a part of the brain of oxygen but does not result in any long lasting deficits?" ✔✔TIA What FHx/SHx information is usually asked for pediatric patients? ✔✔Immunization status Second hand smoke exposure What does AMS stand for? ✔✔Altered Mental Status Expand the following medical abbreviation. DNR ✔✔Do Not Resuscitate What does GCS stand for? ✔✔Glasgow Coma Scale What is the medical term for infection of the gall bladder? ✔✔Cholecystitis How would you diagnose AFIB? ✔✔EKG A 13 y/o male patient was riding his bike earlier today and accidentally fell off after traveling on an uneven patch of sidewalk. He landed on to his outstretched right hand and subsequently experienced localized pains and swelling to his right wrist. An x-ray of the right wrist shows a distal radial fracture. Now that results are back, the physician will be ready to discharge the patient home. Which of the following would need to go into this patient's disposition note? ✔✔- F/u with specialist or PCP -Condition at time of disposition -Timing of disposition -Time period for f/u -Specific conditions for return to the ED An ROS has marked positive for head trauma with accompanying LOC. What DDx would your provider be concerned about? ✔✔Hemorrhagic CVA Which of the following are considered to be cardiac risk factors for CP patients? ✔✔-Tobacco use -DM -CAD -Family hx of CAD <55 y/o -PSHx of CABG, angioplasty, and stent -HTN -HLD Match the following HPI detail with the corresponding DDx. ✔✔-Chest pains when taking in a deep breath- PTX -Sharp, stabbing pains- CAD/MI -Burning chest pain- GERD What does PNA stand for? ✔✔Pneumonia Match the oxygen administration route to the corresponding definition. ✔✔-Non-rebreather mask: A facial mask with a reservoir bag attached -RA: This means the patient is not on oxygen -Intubation: An ETT goes through the patient's mouth and down the trachea -BVM: A large facial mask held in place by hand and attached to an Ambu-bag used to manually inflate the patient's lungs -NC: A plastic tube placed into that patient's nostrils -FM: A plastic mask fit over the nose and mouth A patient states she has had a productive cough for 4 days, and yesterday she developed a fever. Would her fever be considered an associated symptom for her productive cough? Why or why not? ✔✔Yes, because fever started soon after the cough. Which of the following would be ordered to investigate thyroid disease? ✔✔TSH T3 T4 What procedure would be used to diagnose Meningitis? ✔✔Lumbar Puncture [Show More]

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