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University of New South Wales COMP 1521 Exam Revision. Bitwise operation Convert 16 binary digits to A signed number(lab 02 sixteen_in.c) Convert a 16-bit signednumber to binary digits (lab 02... sixteen_out.c) Convert a 2 digit BCD value to an integer (lab 02 bcd.c)Convert an 8 digit Packed BCD value to an integer (lab 02 packed_bcd.c) Swap the bytes of a 16-bit value (weeklytest 01 short_swap) Count the 1 bits of a 64- bit value (weeklytest 02 bit_count.c) Swap pairs of bits of a 64-bit valueFloating-point representation Extract the components of a float (lab 03 float_bits)Multiply a float by 2048 using bit operations (lab 03 float_2048.c) Extract the exponent of a float (weeklytest 04 float_exp.c) Flip sign of a float (weeklytest 04 sign_flip.c) Adding 11 to the exponent is the same as multiplying by 2048Rotate a 16-bit value N position (weeklytest 04 uint16_t) MIPS program Print strings: Scanning values: Basic functions of mipsMIPS grading (lab 04 grade.s) Mips counting (lab 04 count.s)Mips print the factor of 7-elven within a range (lab 04 seven_eleven.s) Mips tetrahedra – using mips to create 3 while loopMips comparing two inputs (weeklytest 05 min.s) MIPS array Printing the numbers that are bigger than the last input (lab 05 print_bigger.s)Mips checking order of the array (lab 05 unordered.s) Mips swapping the order the adjacent numbers in array (lab 05 swap_numbers.s)Mips rearrange the array in increasing order (lab 05 bubblesort.s) Mips determine the input is positive or not (weeklytest 06 not_negative)Mips print the input values in reverse order and delete the negative input (weeklytest 06 reverse_negative.s) Mips read in 10 different numbers into an array and print out the 10th one (weeklytest 06 different10) Break will exit the loopMips instruction pattern Create an addi instruction mips code in c program (lab 07 addi.c) MIPS 2-D array Mips given the index of an 2-d array print out the corresponding value (lab 07 lookup.c) The memory address of an element in an 2-D array can be calculate in mips by the following equation: (need to add memory address) Rowoffset = row_index * num_columns (横轴数量)* sizeof(element) Columnoffset = column_index * sizeof(element)Mips calculate all the prime number (lab 07 sieve.s) Mips using recursive functions – calling function in mips (lab 07 factorial.s) Create stack frame for functions Jal is used to call functionMips store input in a string array an (weeklytest 07 line_char.s) Use of fgetsMips calculate the length of a string (weeklytest 07 line_length.s) Mips check if the sequence is the same forwards as backwards (weeklytest 07 palindrome.s) For array index Lb, %t1, array(index) can be use to store the byte and that addressFile access system call Types for file system operations Create a file of integers content (lab 08 create_integers_file.c) Print out the file content in characters (lab 08 print_bytes.c)Create a binary file with specified bytes typed in argument (lab 08 create_binary_ file.c) Create a binary file that contains specified borts (lab 08 create_borts_file) Extract ascii stirngs from a binary file (lab 08)Print the last line of a extremely large without reading the entire file (lab 08)Check a file contains all ASCII value (weeklytest 08 non_ascii.c) Compare the bytes of two files check if the two file are identical (weeklytest 08 compare_file.c)Delete non-ascii characters from the file (weeklytest 08 leave_only_ascii.c) File permission mode value format Permission are set to have three - Owner - Group - Other With values format:Print file sizes with stat (lab 09 file_sizes.c) Print files mode (lab 09 file_modes.c) Append a diary file by environment value (lab 10 diary.c)Simulate LRU replacement of virtual memory pages – create and excess virtual memory pages (lab 10 lru.c) Mips bit operatorsUNICODE (utf-8) Process spawn Fork/exec – determine parent and child file Exec.c – replace the program with exec Program for ls -ldLsld_sytem Popen – capture output from a process Pipe – using pipe to sending input to spawned processKeep sending message until a signal is caught Specify the strings for control c Generate signal › File permission setting [Show More]

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