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1. Which is not an early sign of left sided heart failure? a. Nocturnal cough b. Edema c. Fatigue d. Feeling of heaviness in arms/ legs 2. Which is not a valid treatment option for sickle cell cr... isis? a. Blood transfusion b. Provide a warm environment c. Prepare the patient for surgery d. IV fluids and pain management 3. Which is NOT a treatment for heart failure? a. diuretics b. antibiotics c. heart transplant d. beta-blocker 4. Essential care & education following mechanical valve replacement includes all BUT: a. anticoagulation therapy for life b. get prophylactic antibiotics for dental work c. monitor for bleeding d. use straight razor 5. Which organ is affected the most in hemochromatosis? a. heart b. lungs c. liver d. kidneys 6. Which is NOT a sign/symptom of leukemia? a. weight gain b. easy bruising c. elevated WBC d. hematuria 7. Which patient is NOT at high risk for infective endocarditis? a. recent valve replacement AND dental work b. IV drug abuser c. recent heart surgery d. immunocompromised individual 8. Which is NOT a diagnostic sign for pericarditis? a. ST elevation in all leads b. pericardial friction rub c. pericardial chest pain d. fever and signs of left sided heart failure 9. A deficiency in the number of red blood cells is called: a. anemia b. polycythemia c. hemophilia d. thrombosis 10. Echocardiogram is used as a diagnostic tool for all BUT which disease? a. hypertension b. heart failure c. pericarditis d. valvular heart disease 11. Which lab test is most likely elevated in hemophilia? a. Prothrombin time b. Creatinine c. Leukocytes d. Activated partial thromboplastin time 12. Why would a patient have a pericardiocentesis? a. for pericardial effusions b. for cardiac tamponade c. for pleural effusions d. for ascites 13. Which is NOT a sign/symptom of dilated cardiomyopathy? a. Echo shows ventricular hypertrophy b. weakness c. Echo shows dilated ventricles d. Palpitations 14. The medical term for platelet is: a. erythrocyte b. leukocyte c. phagocyte d. thrombocyte 15. Which is NOT a recommendation for hypertension? a. increase sodium intake b. exercise 3-4 times per week c. lose weight d. adhere to medication regime prescribed 16. Which is NOT a treatment in PAD? a. antiplatelet medication b. wear insulated shoes c. cross legs when sitting d. dependent positioning 17. Which is included in education for polycythemia vera? a. wear support hose during the day b. drink 3L of fluid daily c. elevate feet when seated d. exercise as much as you want 18. What should be avoided in patients with thrombocytopenia? a. rectal trauma, including enemas b. oral trauma, flossing c. contact sports d. electric shaver 19. Which is an early sign of multiple myeloma? a. easy bruising b. hypertension c. bone fractures d. infection 20. Signs and symptoms of lymphoma include all BUT: a. fevers b. night sweats c. enlarged lymph nodes d. syncope 21. What is the priority action when a reaction to an infusion is suspected? a. check the vitals b. reposition the patient c. stop the infusion d. assess the lung sounds 22. Which is NOT a treatment for SVT? a. glucose administration b. adenosine c. vagal maneuvers d. synchronized cardioversion 23. Which lab value is out of range? a. Hemoglobin - 15.0 mg/dL b. platelets 200,000 mm3 c. white cell count 8,000 mm3 d. prothrombin time of 26 seconds 24. What is NOT a sign or symptom associate with hemophilia? a. hypertension b. abnormal or excessive bleeding c. joint and muscle hemorrhages d. joint and muscle pain 25. Which sounds is indicative of mitral regurgitation? a. high-pitched holosystolic murmur [Show More]

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