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Exam (elaborations) - Servsafe alcohol exam (latest 2022/2023)

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Exam (elaborations) - Servsafe alcohol exam (latest 2022/2023) What does being liable mean? - Being licensed to do something - Being responsible for something - - Being responsible for something W... hat are you responsible for when selling or serving alcohol? - Your action An establishment's liquor license was revoked for serving intoxicated guest. Which type of liability applies? - Civil liability - Criminal liability - Administrative liability - - Administrative liability A pedestrian hit by a drunk driver sues the restaurant that served him.Which type of liability applies? - Civil liability - Criminal liability - Administrative liability - - Civil liability A server is sentenced to 60 days of probation for serving alcohol to an underage guest. Which type of liability applies? - Civil liability - Criminal liability - Administrative liability - - Criminal liability Can you drink alcohol on the job? - It depends Can guests bring alcohol onto the premises? - It depends Can people continue drinking past the hours of service listed on an establishment's liquor license? - No Can you refuse alcohol service to a pregnant woman? - No The law allows alcohol to be brought onto the premises when the - law and company policy allow it A guest appears to be intoxicated, but wants another drink. What's the correct thing to do? - Do not serve the guest alcohol Which is a penalty associated with criminal liability? - TIme in prison Which is an example of administrative liability? - The liquor authority revokes a license for serving underage guestsWhich is a responsibility of a liquor authority? - Monitor establishments for compliance with liquor laws What does BAC stand for? - Blood Alcohol Content [Show More]

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