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CSLB B LICENSE GENERAL CONTRACTOR EXAM | 330 Questions with 100% Correct Answers

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If unused mortar stiffens due to hydration of cement, what must you do? - ✔✔Discard the mortar What minimum time must you wait before caulking or grouting new tiles? - ✔✔24-48 Hours How lo... ng should you wait before installing tile on a shower pan? - ✔✔24 Hours Unstable dry rock, angular gravel, sandy loam, and cohesive soils having compressive strengths greater than 0.5 and less than 1.5 tons/sq ft (tsf), are typical examples of: - ✔✔Type-B Soils If 65 street lights are fed by a 2275 volt series circuit, what is the voltage across each light? - ✔✔35V In a series circuit, the total voltage is divided equally. For safety reasons, the maximum simple slope of an excavation, up to 20 ft deep, in Type-B soil is: - ✔✔1:1 (45°) A Pittsburgh joint is used in: - ✔✔HVAC ductwork The drain for a pressure relief valve on a water heater should be extended to: - ✔✔The outside of the building What is the minimum slope toward the drain of a shower pan? - ✔✔1/4" per foot (2%) What is the diameter of #3 rebar? - ✔✔3/8" If a vendor fails to provide an MSDS, you have the right to call: - ✔✔Cal/OSHA or DOSH When installing a door jamb, you need shims at: - ✔✔Both hinge and strike sides, three on each side. Which of the following is used to adhere vinyl floors? [Show More]

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