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CSLB Practice Law B | 230 Questions with 100% Correct Answers

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A subcontractor or material supplier has _____ days to file a lien once a notice of completion has been recorded.✔✔30 How must a client submit a claim for service or repair of a defect on fit an... d finish items after a remodel?✔✔By certified mail By overnight mail By personal delivery A contractor meets Mr. Jones at his home to discuss remodeling. The contractor and Mr. Jones sign a contract that includes a three-day cancellation form. After the contractor leaves, Mr. Jones decides not to have the work done. Instead of using the cancellation form, Mr. Jones sends the contractor a letter by first-class mail stating that he is canceling the contract. Is Mr. Jones' cancellation effective?✔✔Yes. Mr. Jones' letter does cancel the contract because it indicates his intention not to be bound by the contract. If a contractor forgets to renew his or her license on time, the expired license may be renewed any time within _____ after its expiration without reapplying for a license and fulfilling the exam or waiver requirements again.✔✔Five years You are the qualifier for an active contractor's license. How do you inactivate the license?✔✔Write to the CSLB, requesting that the license be made inactive. When a subcontractor does work on a public works contract, the public agency considers the subcontractor to be:✔✔a subcontractor of the prime contractor A contractor hires a subcontractor to demolish a concrete wall. Who is responsible for supplying safety goggles?✔✔subcontractor Sometimes contracts prove to be too vague to interpret without disagreement between owner and contractor. Which of the following steps would best prevent such problems?✔✔Review the plans and specifications with the owner. A contractor is looking for an insurance policy to cover a high degree of exposure to risk. Of the following, which policy would be best for this purpose?✔✔umbrella To whom do you report and pay sales tax?✔✔Board of Equalization The federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) is issued by the:✔✔Internal Revenue Service [Show More]

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