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John has recently been in a fight with another student in school. The school's policy calls for suspension from school when a student is caught fighting. John is a student with mild mental retardati... on and as a special education student, his ARD Committee must first conduct a manifestation determination hearing (review) to determine which of the following? - ✔✔If his behavior was caused by his disability. Suzy is a student with severe learning disabilities. Which of the following placements is most likely to be the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) for her? - ✔✔A setting that can best meet her educational needs. Mr. Guest has a new paraprofessional in his classroom. How can the paraprofessional best prepare to perform her duties? - ✔✔Review the IEP goals and objectives of all the special educaiton students in the class. Sandra is being evaluated for her possible need and eligibility for special education services. The school's LSSP wants to conduct an ecological assessment on her. An ecological assessment is... - ✔✔Interviews with her parents regarding her behavior, interests, etc. Dylan is a student who will be 3 years old within a few weeks and receives services from the county intervention program. He has severe speech and language delays and his parents are planning for him to attend the Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD) at the local school district. If Dylan's transition from the Early Childhood Intervention Program to PPCD is to be successful, what needs to take place? - ✔✔There must be continuous communication and collaboration between the two programs. Mrs. O'Day has several students in her classroom who have been struggling in reading. She is using the district's Response to Intervention approach to help the students by implementing individual interventions for each student. To ensure that the interventions she is using are effective which of the following should she do? - ✔✔Use progress monitoring [Show More]

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