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AUTHOR BACKGROUND OF THE AUTHOR DESCRIPTION OF THE EVENT Date Place Persons present Cry Pio Valenzuela Participant FINAL VERSION: August 23, 1896 FIRST VERSION (when his memory was still fre... sh): August 26, 1896 FINAL VERSION: Pugad Lawin, In the house and yard of Juan Ramos, son of Melchora Aquino FIRST VERSION (when his memory was still fresh): Balintawak 1. Andres Bonifacio 2. Emilio Jacinto 3. Procopio Bonifacio 4. Teodoro Plata (protested) 5. Aguedo del Rosario 6. Briccio Pantas 7. Alejandro Santiago 8. Ramon Bernardo 9. Apolonio Samson 10.Enrique Cipriano 11.Alfonso Pacheco 12.Tomas Remigio 13.Sinforoso Pedro 14.Others About 1,000 members of the Katipunan “Long live the Philippines! Long live the Philippines!” This study source was downloaded by 100000849331226 from CourseHero.com on 07-01-2022 14:05:12 GMT -05:00General Santiago Alvarez NOT AN EYEWITNESS Katipunero, a member of the Magdiwang faction, relative of Gregoria de Jesus (wife of Andres Bonifacio) August 24, 1896 Bahay Toro (Barrio of Sampalukan, at the barn of Melchora Aquino) “Andres Bonifacio and his men…” About 1,000 Katipuneros “Long live the Sons of the Country!” Gregoria de Jesus Katipunan leader and wife of Supreme Andres Bonifacio/ Lakambini of the Katipunan One of the participants in the Philippine Revolution of 1896 August 25, 1896 Near Caloocan This study source was downloaded by 100000849331226 from CourseHero.com on 07-01-2022 14:05:12 GMT -05:00Captain Olegario Diaz Spanish Commander of the Guardia Civil Investigated the discovery of the Katipunan August 25, 1896 Balintawak “Bonifacio and his followers” More than 5,000 members Guillermo Masangkay Bonifacio’s childhood friend Eyewitness of the cry August 26, 1896 Balintawak At the house of Apolonio Samson, the cabeza of a barrio of Caloocan. 1. Andres Bonifacio 2. Emilio Jacinto 3. Aguedo del Rosario 4. Tomas Remigio 5. Briccio Pantes 6. Teodoro Plata 7. Pio Valenzuela 8. Enrique Pacheco 9. Francisco Carreon 10.Delegates from Bulacan, Cabanatuan,Caviteand Morong (Rizal) NOTE/ANALYSIS: 1. Captain Olegario Diaz and\ Guillermo Masangkay have the same recollection that the event occurred in Balintawak, the difference is only on the date. 2. General Santiago Alvarez is not an eyewitness or a participant in the Revolution, unlike Pio Valenzuela, Gregoria De Jesus and Guillermo Masangkay 3. Pio Valenzuela’s first version of the First Cry was in Balintawak, when his memory was still fresh. However, while he was being investigated in Fort Santiago, his version was changed to Pugadlawin. 4. As to date, Gregoria De Jesus and Captain Olegario Diaz both believed that the event occurred on August 25, 1896. The three others have different versions. 5. Note the different versions of the “cry” as narrated by Pio Valenzuela and General Santiago Alvarez. 6. Even the number of Katipuneros who were present during the cry is changing depending on who wrote the account. (1,000 according to Valenzuela and Alvarez, 5,000 according to Captain Olegario. This study source was downloaded by 100000849331226 from CourseHero.com on 07-01-2022 14:05:12 GMT -05:00 Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org) [Show More]

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